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American Revolution

4th Grade American Revolution

King George III King of England, he lost the colonies when he lost the war
George Washington Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and First President.
Benjamin Franklin Colonial leader who was also an inventor and scientist. Franklin spent some time in France to persuade them to help the colonies fight the British during the war.
Thomas Jefferson Father of the Declaration of Independence and Third President.
Patrick Henry Political Leader and Speaker. He gave the famous speech "Give me liberty or give me death!"
John Adams Lawyer, Patriot, and Second President. He protested the Stamp Act and suggested to the delegates of the 2nd Continental Congress that George Washington lead the Continental Army (Commander in Chief).
Benedict Arnold Traitor! He was a Rebel (Patriot) Army Leader and a British General. He tried to sell secrets to the British.
Lord Cornwallis Leader of the British Army. He lost the Battle of Yorktown which ended the war.
Thomas Paine Author, Rebel(Patriot) Supporter. He wrote the pamphlet Common Sense, that encouraged Rebels(Patriot) to fight in the war.
Lexington and Concord "The Shot Heard 'Round the World", the first conflicts in the war.
Battle of Bunker Hill The British won this battle, but the Patriots put up a huge fight that made the British realize this war was not going to be easy.
Battle of Saratoga 1777, the British surrender over 5,000 soldiers to the Americans. Turning Point in the war! The French then realized that the Patriots (Americans) had a chance of winning and sent their soldiers over to help fight against the British.
Battle of Yorktown 1781 - Last official battle of the war. Lord Cornwallis (the British) surrendered to George Washington. America had won its independence!
Patriots/Rebels/Continental Soldiers/Minute Men People who were fighting for their independence from England (British).
Loyalists/Tory/red Coat/Lobster Back/Royalist/Hessians People who were fighting for England (the British).
The Declaration of Independence Written in 17 days by Thomas Jefferson, the letter states the colonists' reason behind and desire for independence from England's rule. Adopted on July 4, 1776, Independence Day!
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