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American Revolution

Nice way to study the America Revolution

Battle of Lexington/Concord The first battle of the American Revolution
Bunker Hill *Colonial Loss, but boosts morals *Colonists fortified themselves *Didn't leave like the British told them to *Took the British 3 tries to get up the hill *"Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes"
Thomas Paine *Came From England *Wrote many pamphlets, including ones named Common Sense and The American Crisis *George Washington read "The Crisis" to his troops before the Battle of Trenton
Thomas Jefferson *Good writer, poor speaker *Selected to write the Declaration of Independence *Governor of Virginia, but is forced to leave
Sam Adams *Named the Boston Massacre *Organized the Sons of Liberty *Failed at everything except getting people riled up/angry *Delegate of the Continental Congress *Started the Committees of Correspondence
Patrick Henry *"Give me liberty or give me death" *Young lawyer who gave loud speeches *Delegate to the continental congress
Paul Revere *Midnight Ride *Made a picture of the Boston Massacre *Part of the Sons of Liberty
John Hancock *Smuggled goods *Big part of the Sons of Liberty *Elected to the 2nd Continental Congress *First to sign the Declaration of Independence
Nathan Hale *Volunteered to spy for Washington *Dressed as a Dutch school teacher *Caught and hung by the British *"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"
Battle of Trenton *George Washington attacked on Christmas night *Took all the German Hessians *Major Colonial Win
Battle of Princeton *George makes it look like they are still at their camps, then attacks Cornwallis from behind *Major Colonial win
Battle of Saratoga *Was supposed to be a 3 sided attack, but only one British army showed up. *Big win for the Colonists *Turning point of the war
Valley Forge *Horrible winter of starving and freezing for Washington's troops
John Paul Jones *Father of the American Navy *"I have not yet begun to fight" *Stole a British ship as his was sinking
Benedict Arnold *Was one of Washington's most trusted men *Upset he
Created by: Comet_vs_Gaming