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Rev. War

Sam Adams -Failure at almost everything -Started Sons of Liberty -Named "Boston Massacre" -Started Committees of Correspondence -Member of Con. Congress
Patrick Henry -Young lawyer -"Sam Adams of Virginia" -Member of Con. Congress
Paul Revere -Best silversmith in Boston -Part of Sons of Liberty -Deliverer -Midnight ride "The British are coming"
Nathan Hale -Spy for Washington -Disguised as Dutch school teacher -Caught and hung -"I only regret that I have only one life to give to my country."
John Paul Jones -Father of American Navy -Pulls sinking ship around British Ship -"I have not begun to fight."
Benedict Arnold -One of Washington's most trusted men -Thinks he doesn't get enough credit -Gives West Point to British -Switched sides -Synonymous with 'traitor'
Francis Marian -"Swamp Fox" -Guerilla Warfare -Hit and Run -Attacks at night -Hides during the day
Deborah Sampson -Disguised herself as a man -Enlisted for two years -Took her brother's name
Molly Pitcher -Delivered water to men -"Molly! Pitcher!" -Took over husband's job and finished a battle in his place
Lexington/ Concord -Marching to Concord to get weapons, J. Hancock, and S. Adams -Shot heard 'round the world -On the way back, colonists ambush British
Saratoga -3 pronged attack -Only 1 showed up -Lack of communication -Colonists win -Turning point of the war
Trenton -Day after Christmas -Deleware River -Thomas Pain's "The Crisis" was reader -No battle, takes them prisoner -British doesnt have a look out
Princeton British are ticked Cornwallis is attacked from behind Stokes up fire Washington goes to Philly Cornwallis goes to NYC to plan
Yorktown -Last major battle -Cornwallis traps himself -Washington &French troops on land -French navy comes by sea -American's win
Created by: karina_lenfestey