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MS Studies

1. What geographical region is MS located in? south
2. What is the best description of MS’s topography? rolling hills
3. What is the latitude of MS? 30° and 34° latitude
4. What is the longitude of MS? 88° and 91° longitude
5. What state borders MS on the East? alabama
6. What state borders MS to the North? tennessee
7. Which region of MS is very flat and fertile? the delta
8. What kind of climate does MS have? humid subtropical
9. What the first group of people in MS? native americans
10. Which tribe lived in Eastern and Central MS? choctaw
11. Name the three major tribes in MS. choctaw chickasaw and natchez
12. What did the religious beliefs of the Native Americans center around? the sun
13. Why did the French explore North America? fur trades
14. Why did the Spanish come to MS area? gold and silver
15. What 2 explorers decided the MS did not flow to the Pacific Ocean? Marquette and Juliet
16. What country did LaSalle claim the MS area for in 1682? france
17. What country gained all lands east of the MS in 1763? great britain
18. What year did MS become a state? 1817
19. What was the new capital of MS by 1821? jackson
20. Who was Pushmataha? choctaw indian chief (famous)
21. T or F- Corn was not a major crop in MS during the 1800s. false
22. What is the oldest existing college in MS today that is still in use? Mississippi college
23. Where were most slaves likely to be found in MS? plantations
24. Which of the following could slaves do in MS during the 1800s? Vote, Congregate, Marry, Babysit. (Circle the correct answer). babysitting
25. Who was responsible for bringing slaves to the MS area? french
26. What war cost more lives than any other war on US soil? civil war
27. What region of the nation felt that slavery was important? south
28. What state was known to challenge the enforcement of federal law? south carolina
29. What is the purpose of a tariff? to prevent foreign competitions
30. What political party was formed to oppose slavery in 1854? republicans
31. Why did Union armies invade MS? to control the MS river
32. Which battle was fought between Pemberton and Grant along the MS river? vicksburg
33. Which of the following was not a Civil War battle fought in MS- Champion’s Hill, Corinth, Meridian, or Selma? selma
34. The president of the confederacy was ___________. jefferson davis
35. What city served as the capital of the confederacy? richmond
36. What was the second state to secede from the Union? mississippi
37. What was the purpose of the freedmen’s bureau? provide supplies
38. What was the purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1865? to end slavery
39. Which of the following battles resulted in a Confederate victory- Brice’s Crossroads, Champion’s Hill, Meridian, or Raymond? brice's crossroads
40. What political party came into MS during Reconstruction? republicans
41. Which amendment freed slaves? 13th
42. What is suffrage? rights to vote
43. What amendment provides equal justice? 14th
44. What constitution had the Understanding Clause? 1890
45. The 15th amendment gave blacks the right to ____________. vote
46. The separation of races is ___________. segregation
47. What was the court case that ruled that facilities could be separate as long as they were equal? plessy vs. fergeson
48. Court case that ruled the "separate but equal" principle unconstitutional? brown vs. board of education
49. Young black man from Chicago who was murdered in Money, MS for allegedly making a pass at a white woman. This horrific event was covered by national news and spotlighted injustices in the South? emmett till
50. Who was elected governor in 1960 in Mississippi? ross barnett
51. Who was the first to integrate the University of Mississippi? james meridith
52. Who was the head of Mississippi's NAACP until he was murdered in his carport? medger evers
53. Who was convicted in 1994 for the murder of Medgar Evers? byron beckwith
54. What is a murder of a prominent person, usually for political reasons? assassination
55. What is a parade or march in protest of a perceived wrongdoing? demonstration
56. What is a protest in which people refuse to buy certain items until specifi c conditions are met? boycott
57. Did MS become a major producer of timber at the turn of the century? yes
58. In which part of the state did most sharecroppers live? delta
59. What is the name of William Faulkner’s home? rowin' oak
60. What writer wrote A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? tennessee williams
61. William Faulkner’s house is located in ___________. oxford
Created by: hbarnett