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2nd Road to Rev.

WKMS Road to Revolution

How did SC react to the Intolerable Acts? They sent representatives to the First Continental Congress
Sons of Liberty anti-British group who often tarred and feathered, staged boycotts and hung effigies to protest taxation
Why were the colonists so upset over the taxes? They were angry that they didn't have a representaive in Parliament and they thought it was unfair that they didn't have a say in passing the taxes.
Why did Britain pass the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts? they needed money to pay for the French and Indian War
What was the Sugar Act? an act passed in 1764 that taxed sugar and other products and tightened smuggling enforcement
What was the Stamp Act? law passed in 1765 that taxed newspapers, playing cards, shipping documents and legal documents
What caused the Boston Massacre? A mob threatened a soldier on guard duty.
How did South Carolina react to the Stamp Act? 1) They boycotted British goods. 2) They sent delegates including Christopher Gadsden to the Stamp Act Congress 3) The Sons of Liberty, led by Christopher Gadsden, was organized
How did the colonists in Charles Towne react to the Tea Act? The Charles Towne Sons of Liberty stole the tea and held the Charles Towne Tea Party.
What did the Sons of Liberty do to some tax collectors to show their dislike of the taxes? Coated them with tar and feathers
What decision was made at the First Continental Congress? To boycott trade with Great Britian, except for the sale of rice from SC.
Who were the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty? They were an anti-British group that protested against the tax laws by staging boycotts, tar and feathering tax collectors and hanging them in effigy.
In which city were the first shots between the British and the colonists fired? Lexington, Massachusetts
What were the Sons and Daughters of Liberty protesting? British taxes
Duties taxes
Effigies life-sized dummies representing royal officials
Salutary Neglect the practice of allowing a colony to govern and manage themselves with little or no interference from the mother country
Smuggle to import or export goods secretly in and out of colonial seaports in violation of laws
Boycott to refuse to buy goods as a form of protest
Writs of Assistance order issued by the British government, such as the one that allowed British soldiers to search homes and businesses for smuggled goods
Repeal to end or take away
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