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History 1302 Final

Great Society Lyndon Johnson's campaign, Welfare, free money
Gulf of Tonkin attacked by communist in international water
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, Nixon talking with Russia to reduce nuclear exchange
Operation Ranch Hand protect personal and spray agent orange on vietnam
My Lai slaughtered some Vietnam by our troops
John Dean Nixon's lawyer exchanged for immunity against prosecution
Silent Majority focus of Nixon and Reagan campaign who spoke for non protestors
Tet offensive Vietcong try to attack American troops, fails and turns media against war
OPEC muslim use oil as political weapon, gas prices go up, and not as much gas given to us
Iran-contra during Reagan, fighting for election in Nicaragua against communist, Reagan is told not to fund this
Kent State college in Ohio, Nixon announced going to Cambodia to blow up stuff, kent state blew up ROTC building
Gulf War Iraq-Kuwait
Gulf War 2 got Saddam out of Iraq
Bay of Pigs Cuba CIA trained refugees to over throw communist, Castro not assassinated, Kennedy withdrew air support, terrible for the US
War Powers Act 73 passed pulling troops out of Vietnam, congress has to check where troops go
Pentagon Papers log kept during Vietnam, Lyndon lied, NY times published excerpts
Watergate hotel in DC democratic head, caught Nixon's workers going through information
Whitewater land investment, Clinton taking money, John and Susan McDougal go to jail, Vince Foster is killed
SDS student democratic society radical, presented as 'new' left, liars anti-capitalist
Weather Underground bomb makers
Betty Friedan feminine mystique anti-family convince women why do you do what you do
Silent Spring pesticides in food chain kill us all, author anti capitalist
Black Hawk Down Clinton, helicopter shot down by Somali
9/11 important date to Muslim, furthest extent of Muslim empire
Read my Lips GH bush no new taxes
Vince Foster got killed before he testified, Clinton's lawyer
Warren commission investigate Kennedy assassination, 'we cant handle the truth'
Monica Lewinsky Clinton had sex with her, he lied on trial about it
Jihad radical inner struggle good vs evil outward struggle of Islam
Patriot Act after 9/11, successfully implanted
Mary Jo Kopechne backseat of Kennedy car when he drove off bridge, she died and he left her there for several hours
Al Qaeda Global terror network, funds base of terrorism
Created by: haley.christel21