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jean de florette voc

final final final final

colline hill, small elevation of earth
tortuex turny
le maréchal-ferrant colt maker
la haine hate
le vallon a small valley between 2 hills
le gibier wild animals
anticlérical anti-church
la charrette little cart pulled by a donkey
le cercueil casket
le cul butt
le forgeron blacksmith
le chagrin lots sadness
le mas plantation
le tic nervous tick
un mulet a donkey
pourrie filthy
la veuve widow
le sou coins used around the 1900s
hocher shake head
le verger a group of fruit trees
le plateau flat area
un col de dentelle lace collar
un fusil shot gun
un gigot type of ham
des oeillets carnations
la bouture young plant
hausser to lift/raise
le feutre a felt hat
tracasser to worry, have suspicions
le puits well
bouché closed
le romarin rosemary
un sangier a hog
un pioche a pick
la bracconage poaching
le solitaire single, lonely person
la tige the inside of a flower
le sécateur bush trimmer
le coteau piece of a hill...
foutre le camp to get the hell out
rauque stern and grave
le menton chin
crever to die
foutu lost
ramper crawl
se méfier to doubt oneself
le fada the crazy one
se ronger les sangs to be nervous
un seigneur a boss, a rich man
l'indignation anger
la gelée frost
le bassin water tower, reservoir
l'institutrice elementary school teacher
la Providence higher calling, GOD
le figuier fig tree
des olives olives
des amandes almonds
des figues figs
des lentilles lentils
des pois chiches chickpeas
une chevre a goat
Created by: VaLeRiA!