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lesson 1and 2

Stack #178216

what motivated the pilgrims to come to Ameica pilgrims came to seach for religious freedomand others cae to search of weath and power
separatist group that wanted to seperate from the church of engalnd
persecution unjust treatment because of there belives
who was william bradord leader of the pligrims that started their own settlement
what was the mayflower commpact and why was it so important the mayflower compact was a plan of goverment for there colony was important beacause said they would have fair and eguel laws
what was the suprising event that hapened during the first spring of plymith samoset came to greet the indiens
why was the event so important it made a good relatioon ship between the indiens
who was squanto was a native american
why was squanto so important he helped the pilgrims hunt fish and show the best place to hunt and fishand helped make peace
what motivated the puritans to come settle in america they wanted to sail to new england to make a new colony because religious freedom
how did the coloist of massachetts bay colony behave differtley than jamestown the people massachetts bay had lots of crops and the people of jamestown hade no crops
where did the puritans decide to build there main settlemant and what did they call it they chose a peninula to build there main settlement and they called it bosten
what types of things did the puritans way of life value what were they first to do belived in freedom and educationwere the first to have a public school in the enlish colonies
what was henry hudsons acomplishment got a river named after him(hudsin river)
what was john cabots motivation wanted to trade with asia instead of arabs
what was robert lasalles acomplishment first to explorethe mississippi river
noth west passage waterway conecting the atlantic and the pacific oceans
what was the names of the french settlements quebecmontreal
what was the name of the dutch settlements mew netherlandsnew armsterdam
who found the dutch settlements henry hudson
who founf the french settlement samuel de champlain
why was the dutch settlement so sucsessful dutch could conrol trade over the hudson river
why were the french settlements so sucsessful huge trading centerlots of beaver in forest for hunt
Created by: joesmyman