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Respect for Colleagu

Respect for Colleagues

Respect for Colleagues Tenet Interpreters demonstrate respect for colleagues, interns and students of the profession.
Respect for Colleagues Guiding Principle Interpreters are expected to collaborate with colleagues to foster the delivery of effective interpreting services. They also understand that the manner in which they relate to colleagues reflects upon the profession in general.
Respect for Colleagues Illustrative Principle 5.1 Maintain civility toward colleagues, interns, and students.
Respect for Colleagues Illustrative Principle 5.2 Work cooperatively through consultation before assignments regarding logistics, providing professional and courteous assistance when asked and monitoring the accuracy of the message while functioning in the role of the support interpreter.
Respect for Colleagues Illustrative Principle 5.3 Approach privately to discuss and resolve breaches of ethical or professional conduct through standard conflict resolution methods; file a formal grievance only after such attempts have been unsuccessful or the breaches are harmful or habitual.
Respect for Colleagues Illustrative Principle 5.4 Assist and encourage colleagues by sharing information and serving as mentors when appropriate.
Respect for Colleagues Illustrative Principle 5.5 Obtain the consent of colleagues before bringing an intern to an assignment.
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