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Canada Flash Cards

Rocky Mountains This mountain range is located in the western region of Canada and extends into the United States.
St. Lawrence River This river connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
St. Lawrence Seaway This man made waterway connects the Great Lakes together through a series of locks and canals.
Canadian Shield This is the rough, rocky region of Canada around Hudson Bay where Canada's mineral resources can be located. A major concern here the over extraction of minerals.
Pacific Ocean The western coasts on the US, Mexico, Canada and South America border what ocean?
Hudson Bay This bay is the largest bay in Canada and it is named after the English explorer that explored it.
Atlantic Ocean The western coasts of Portugal and the eastern coasts of the US, Mexico, Canada, and South America border what ocean?
Great Lakes This is a group of five lakes in Canada. Four of these lakes border Untied States as well. A major concern at the lakes is acid rain and water pollution.
Canada This a country bordered by the United States. Its major trading partner is the United States. Most of its people live near the US border because the climate is warmer and more jobs exist there. They speak English and French here.
France This country claimed the area of Canada called Quebec
United Kingdom (Great Britain) This country sent explorers like Cabot and Hudson to the New World, They claimed Canada and the United States.
Inuit This indigenous people have been mistreated by the Canadian government but recently have been granted ore rights and their own land called Nunavut.
By signing treaties This is how Canada gained its independence from Great Britain
Quebec Many French speakers in this province in Canada would like for the province to be its own nation.
Parliamentary The type of government found in Canada and the United Kingdom.
Queen of England The title of the head of state in both Canada and the UK
Prime Minister The title of the head of government in both Canada and the UK.
governor general The person that is the queen’s voice in Canada.
deforestation The environmental issues in the Boreal forests
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