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Social Studies

Civil War

Despite lacking supplies, how did the south manage to stay in the war so long? The confederate Army has better leaders, which means good strategies, the south had a personal connection with fighting the war, and the south fought a defensive war. The south also created a strategy called the King Cotton Diplomacy.
What did the King Cotton Diplomacy allow southern states to do? trade cotton with other countries(Europe) to get military supplies
what was the souths reason for fighting? to keep slaves so that their economy would be strong., fought for states rights, and had a purpose
what were the north's reasons for fighting? fought to keep the union together and abraham lincoln tad them to
Why did General Lee want a victory on northern soil? Lee's hoping for a confederate victory on northern soil. if the south won, more troops and more supplies would've been sent from other countries
explain the significance of the battle of gettysburG? LEE's last attempt to get a victory on northern soil, largest battle, and a and a win in the north ould cause the south to give up. The third tuning point
Explain the significance of Chickaumagau Second bloodiest battle and the union is trying to cature savannah and take atlanta. Confederate wins
who won in the battle of chickamauga? confederates-
LArgest battle in GA Chickaumauga
This battle leads sherman to the Atlanta Campaign. Chickaumauga
Explain the Anaconda plan and give examples The anaconda plan was to stop trade Emancipation proclamation- north wanted to abolish slavery. other states dint support slavery either so they stopped supplying south with military supplies the north captures railroads owned by private owners to stop
Why is the union blockade apart of the Anaconda Plan- it was a fleet of ships to stop trade and shipments from trading with the CSA
Why is the Emancipation proclamation a huge turning point? the south has a greater purpose for fighting the war rather that just because abraham lincoln told them to. The south has basically lost because the north has gotten other countries to stop trading military supplies to the south.
What happens in the Atlantacampaign- the south loses control over atlanta, largest transportation center,. The northerners do not support the war anymore because too many people have died and the unions losing battles. The union wins and it gives the union hope
what is sherman able to do in the Atlanta Campaign outflank CSA. there are a few battles that take place outside of Atlanta such as the Kinnesaw battle People attempt to stop sherman by putting up battles buut Sherman goes around them.
MArch to the sea was from atlanta to savannah
during the march of the sea what happens? 60 mile wide path of destruction between atlanta and savannah. no one attempts to stop sherman.
What happens to savannah in the march its peacefully surrendered
who wins the march to the sea union army- ending it for the south
where does lee surrender to grant Appomatix Courthouse in virginia
Who wins the war? union
What battle is the bloodiest that lasts one day antietam
what battle is lee's first attempt for a victory on northern soil antietem
who wins the battle of antietem even though its really a tie union
What's the first turning point antietam
whats the 2nd turning point emancipaion proclamation
whats the 3rd turning point gettysburg
Where was the battle of antietem maryland
where was the battle of gettysburg pennsylviania
what did lee hope for even though it was a fail a victory on northern soil
who wins gettyburg union
whats the second bloodiest battle chickaumauga`
explain the battle of Chatanooga the union wins and the south s trying to recapture chickamauga. The south is winning but the union calls in for help. Sherman comes
What's a blockade runner someone who risks their life or ship to get military supplies
After the battle of chickauaugua, the union retreat where to Chtatanooga----the south follows
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