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Final Review

review of concepts on the final

Name the 6 states that surround Oklahoma Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Arkansas and Missouri
What is the highest point in Oklahoma? Black Mesa
What Oklahoma mountain range is Mount Scott located in? The Wichita Mountains
What is the total surface area of Oklahoma? 70,000 square miles
What is the most common weather natural disaster that happens in Oklahoma? tornadoes
What is the name of the land which joined Asia and North America? Beringia
What group of early Indians created the atlatl? The Paleo Indians
Which group of early Indians were associated with the Clovis and Folsom points? The Paleo Indians
Who built ceremonial dirt structures for temples, burials and homes? The Mound Builders
What do you call an animal spirit guide to Native Americans? A totem
Who was a Spanish explorer that came to Oklahoma? Coronado
What caused the death of most Indians? diseases
What was an all water route through North America? The Northwest Passage
What was the major goal of the Spanish Explorers? To find wealth
What was the earliest colony established by England in 1607? Jamestown
What country did the United States buy the Louisiana Purchase from for $15 million? France
Who was the president of the United States during the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
What were the names of the explorers of the Louisiana Territory? Lewis and Clark
Where is the No Man's Land located? the Panhandle of Oklahoma
At the beginning of the Civil War, John Ross hoped the Cherokee Nation would remain what? Neutral
The leader of the mixed Cherokee horsemen who fought for the Confederacy was named what? Stand Waitie
Opotheyahola, leader of the Upper Creek tribe, fought for which side of the Civil War? the Union
When did the Civil War end? April 9, 1865
What were buffalo soldiers? black Calvary troops
What did the Dawes Severalty Act do? it dissolved tribal ownership of land and gave specific amounts of land to each individual Indian.
What occurred in 1921 when whites destroyed the Greenwood Business District over a misunderstanding? the Tulsa Race Riot
What was it called when farmers tilled up too much native buffalo grass and then a drought came and the winds took away a lot of soil? The Dust Bowl
What is Oklahoma's state tree? red bud
What is Oklahoma's state animal? bison or buffalo
What is Oklahoma's state bird? scissor tailed flycatcher
What is Oklahoma's state rock? rose rock
What is the capital of Oklahoma? Oklahoma city
Created by: Jassman