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Asian Hist Part 2

From Sima Qian to Scroll of Afflictions

Who is Sima Qian? A great Chinese historian of the Han dynasty part of the 100 schools of thought Author of the Records of the Grand Historian comprehensive history of the entire past, written with his father
Who is Ban Zhao? Father was a historian, wrote “The history of the former Han dynasty” (Ban Zhao finished) Father & brother died in prison Book “Admonitions for Women”, used to educated women women and men not equal, but should all have their own rules/ways of living
Who is Tang Taizu? First emperor of the Tang dynasty Established a legal code built upon on the Sui code that many preceding dynasties and Asian countries including Vietnam, Korea and Japan would model their codes upon Claimed to be a descendent of Laozi
Who is Song Taizu? First emperor of the Song Dynasty Succeeded in unifying China Ended the five dynasties and 10 kingdoms period lessoned military control and relied more on civil governance
Who is Empress Wu? First and only female empress of China Reigned during the Tang period began as a concubine, then became empress she brought Buddhism and was Buddhist Feared but respected, she killed anyone she felt was not loyal
Who is An Lushan? General who rebelled against the Tang dynasty Founded the Yan Dynasty, but defeated later by weakened Tang first of several revolutionary events either led by or intimately connected with the merchants and tradespeople involved with the Silk Road
Who is Rinshi? Rinshi Fujiwara Rinshi (964-1053), The wife of Michinaga Played a central role in directing the family after Michinaga’s death took over Michinaga’s position as a secondary political figure Patron for heian literary works
Who is Shoshi Fujiwara? Daughter of Michinaga and Rinshi played central role in keeping the Fujiwara as consorts after Michinaga’s death Descendants were emperors, and took orders from her. The regent, her brother also did. Famous women of that time were members of her court
Who is Michinaga? Fujiwara clam Michinaga exerted de facto reign over Japan in the early 11th century. This can be seen from the fact that he was father to four (non-reigning) empresses, uncle to two emperors and grandfather to another three.
What is Ishinpō? Medical work from the Heian period based on a Tang medical text a book of cures for common ailments, guides to medicine, Ch. 28 was the most used section of book, it was the chamber exercises chapter, which was very important to Japanese reproduction
What is Tōdaiji? Buddhist Temple, largest bronze statue of the Buddha in the world organized in the cosmic image located in Nara, Japan built under the rule of Shomu, who supported Buddhism
Who is Akazome Emon? Author during the Heian period Wrote the Tale of Flowering Fortunes
What is Flowering Fortunes? Book by Akazome Emon Landmark of its time It was about the history of the Fujiwara family, culminating achievements of Fujiwara Michinaga Distinct Features Consistent praise of one line of Michinaga’s line of the Fujiwara Chronological
Who is Murasaki Shikibu? Author during the Heian period Wrote the Tale of Genji
What is the Tale of Genji? by Murasaki Shikibu Often referred to as the first novel about the inner workings of Japanese court life A fictional account of a prince named Genji and his exploits including
What are the Scrolls of Afflictions? They are Episodic Have lists of common and uncommon illnesses that are described with vivid details These scrolls could have been the beginning of the tradition of manga and anime
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