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U.S. History II Quiz

What is a main goal of the freedom riders? Encourage Congress to pass Kennedy's Civil Rights Bill.
What corresponds to De Facto segregation? Town Laws saying African Americans must have separate restrooms from Whites.
What Supreme Court case best typifies a ruling that a Louisiana law regarding "separate but equal" was constitutional? Plessy v. Ferguson
What could violate the Civil Rights Act of 1968? A neighborhood with an area set aside for segregated housing.
What would be the best possible choice for President Eisenhower allowing him to be able to respond immediately to the crisis? Placing the Arkansas National Guard under federal controls they could be ordered to protect the African American students.
Which speech represents the hopes of a positive outcome for the Civil Rights Movement? MLK stating: "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed." (I Have a Dream speech)
An act of civil disobedience? Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a White person.
An example of what was found to be unconstitutional in the court case, Brown v. Board of Education? Segregation in the school system creating separate schools for different races.
Which Act eliminated the illiteracy test and stated that federal examiners could enroll voters denied suffrage by local officials? Civil Rights Act of 1964
Which place made the most sense for a "sit-in" location? At lunch counters
Which provision best ties in with the Civil Rights of 1964 passed during Johnson's presidency? Prohibited state and municipal governments from denying access to public facilities on grounds of race, color, religion or national origin.
Created by: laurminore
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