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Containment US reason for going to Vietnam was part of this policy
Cold War US involvement in Vietnam was part of this 'war'
Ho Chi Minh Leader of North Vietnam and name of the trail used by Vietcong
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Gave LBJ full power to wage war in Vietnam (passed in 1963)
Agent Orange chemical used to destroy greenery and vegetation of the jungle
Napalm fire bomb
Vietcong S. Vietnamese communists (VC) who fought the Americans
Living room war Vietnam War could be watched on TV by Americans sitting at home
Credibility Gap Difference between what the military was saying about the war and what the media was reporting
Hawks pro-war supporters
Doves anti-war protesters (like college students)
Nineteen average age of the US soldier
Draft Being made to go to war, the US depended more and more on soldiers who served due to this
Tet Offensive Turning point of the war when the enemy struck S. Vietnam on a holiday
Vietnamization Nixon's plan to turn over the war to the South Vietnamese
Pentagon Papers documents that showed the US military had been misleading the American people about the war
26 Amendment that lowered the voting age
War Powers Act This law limited the president's power to wage war. Congress has to approve of troops staying in battle longer than 60 days
PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder, what veterans dealt with after returning from war
58,000 # of Americans who died in the war
Kent State College campus where 4 people were killed by national guardsmen
Great Society LBJ's program to help poor Americans but the cost of the Vietnam War took money away from this program
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