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Struggle for Ind.

The American Struggle for Independence socialstudieswithasmile.com

What were colonists told to do as a result of the Proclamation of 1763? The colonists had to return to the original 13 colonies. They were not allowed to go west of the Appalachian Mountains/Proclamation line.
Why did Britain issue the Proclamation of 1763? Pontiac's Rebellion-Native Americans were attacking colonists west of the Appalachian Mountains
Why did the Quartering Act anger the colonists? Colonists had to provide housing, supplies and food for British soldiers. The colonists did not like this because there was no reason for the soldiers to be in the colonies and they felt that they were there to watch the colonists.
What was the name of the treaty to end the French and Indian War? Treaty of Paris 1763
How did the French and Indian War help to cause the American Struggle for Independence? The French and Indian War cost a lot of money. Britain was deeply in debt and began to tax the colonists to make money. The colonists did not like the taxes.
What is the name for the tax on paper, paint, lead, glass and tea? Townshend Acts
What was the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence? It was created to write letters to colonists so that they would be aware of all the bad things the British were doing to the colonists.
Why is the Boston Massacre called the Boston Massacre? The Sons of Liberty called it the Boston Massacre to make the British look bad. They wanted everyone to hate the British and support independence.
What European countries were fighting in the French and Indian War? British vs. French
Repeal to cancel
alliance a group that joins together for a common purpose
Who were the French allies in the French and Indian War? Algonquins, Hurons and Spanish
Who were the British allies in the French and Indian War? Iroquois
England's main rival in North America was ______________ France
Why did the British and the French want to control the Ohio River Valley? They both wanted the land for fur trading.
writs of assistance legal document permitting British customs officials to search ships without a reason
boycott to refuse to buy certain goods
Stamp Act tax on legal documents, playing cards, newspapers, dice The item had a mark on it showing that the tax had been paid.
Sons of Liberty secret group of colonists created to protest British policies and urge independence
Why were the colonists upset about taxes created by the British? They believed they should not be taxed without representation in Parliament. They did not want representation. They only wanted the taxes to be removed.
tar and feathering When the colonists poured hot tar on tax collectors and then dumped feathers on them. This was done to punish and humiliate them and keep other tax collectors from attempting to come in to take money.
Daughters of Liberty group of women who wanted independence from Britain
First Continental Congress Colonial congress created to plan for a possible war by creating a militia. They also decided to not trade with Britain until the blockade of Boston was lifted.
Hanging in Effigy creating a life-size dummy of a person and then allowing others to come and destroy it. It was used as a fear tactic.
Loyalists People who wanted to remain loyal to the king
Patriots people in the colonies who wanted independence
Minutemen nickname for the colonial militia because they were trained to be ready very quickly
What was the name of the French and Indian War in Europe? The 7 Years War
Loyalists were also known as ______________ Tories
How would the Albany Plan of Union have helped the colonists fight the French? Unity, one government to make laws/set up an army
Why did the colonies reject the Albany Plan of Union? The colonies did not want to lose their power and believed they knew what was best for their colony.
Why is the Battle of Quebec considered the turning point in the French and Indian War? British captured Quebec and all of the French supplies. The French could not sent supplies to their forts using the St. Lawrence River
What was the major outcome of the Treaty of Paris in 1763? The French lost power and land in North America.
After the Stamp Act, what did the British pass to tax the colonists? Townshend Acts
What are the Intolerable Acts? Punishment for the Boston Tea Party Closed Boston Harbor and increased the number of troops in Boston
Why were the Intolerable Acts so damaging to Boston? The people of Boston made most of their money by trading
Coercive Acts Another name for the Intolerable Acts
Why was British commander Thomas Gage going to Concord? He wanted to seize Patriot weapons
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