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2nd nine weeks Exam

The Boston Tea Party was a protest by colonists against what? tax policies created by the British Crown
John Locke said all people have "natural rights," among these rights are...... life, liberty, and the right to own property
Jefferson, the main author of the Declaration of Independence, said all men have unalienable rights, among these are..... life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
How did the Articles of Confederation create a weak national government? States had too much power, federal government couldn't manage the economy
John Locke said that government's role was to protect the rights of the people. What did he say if the government abused this role? The people had the right to dissolve that union and create a government to protect their rights.
The Preamble of our government supports what concept of our Declaration of Independence? people establish governments to protect their rights
What were some weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? couldn't levy taxes, couldn't enforce laws, couldn't regulate trade
Ben Franklin was a diplomat of the United States to what country during the Revolutionary War? France
How did Alexander Hamilton's economic plan for the country help the United States? his plan created a stable economic system for the nation
What proposal of Hamilton's plan could lend money to businesses, loan money to the government, and provide a place for the government to deposit money? the national bank
Alexander Hamilton took on what role during Washington's cabinet? Secretary of Treasury
Thomas Jefferson will double the size of our country by purchasing what territory for the United States? Louisiana Territory
What ordinance gave our country a set of rules for territories to become states, providing order for our country's expansion? The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
What was so important about the Mayflower Compact? it was an early step towards self-government for the American colonies
The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan would eventually create the Great Compromise, what was the difference between the two plans? some states wanted equal representation, others wanted representation based on population.
What compromise was reached to figure out how to count slaves as part of the population? Three-Fifths Compromise
How did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 contribute to our country's sectionalism? it did not allow slavery in the new territory
In the 1800's on a plantation in the south, who was most likely to perform the difficult and tough labor required for the operations to run smoothly? enslaved African Americans
James Oglethorpe established which colony? Georgia
Georgia was established for what reason? assist people in prison for debt
Why did the British Parliament think it had the right to levy taxes against the American colonists in the 1760s? Because of their defense and cost during the French and Indian War
Many colonists protested against British taxes, what was a major reason (other than expense) for their protests? wanted the same rights as British citizens
Shortly after the Boston Tea Party, the British punished the colonists with the Intolerable Acts. What did they do (British) with Boston Harbor? the harbor was closed until colonists paid for the destroyed tea
What date does our country celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence? 4th of July
How do we as a people legally change our government/constitution today? elections and amendments
Why is it ironic that Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that, "All men are created equal?" He owned slaves/ slavery was legal
Montesquieu's biggest influence on our constitution was what? concept of seperation of powers
What would you say was John Locke's biggest influence on our founding of the United States? concept of natural rights
Created by: davidadams