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World Civ. 2

Russian & Prussian Autocracy

Who were the Asian invaders that ruled Russia from the 13th to the 15th century? Mongols
What Russian ruler had her husband killed to take over the throne? Catherine the Great
What were the "windows on the west"? Why were they needed? Warm Water Ports to trade
How did Peter the Great attempt to make Russia more powerful? Tried to get Warm Water Port in the Black Sea Tried to introduce Westernization Got one water port from Sweden (later turned into St. Petersburg introduced reforms from Europe
1st ruler to assume the title Czar & Autocrat of all Russians. Ivan the Terrible
What German ruler converted his country into an important European power? Frederick the Great
What culture influenced 10th century Russia? Eastern Orthodox (European)(Byzantine Empire)
What branch of Christianity did the Russians adopt? Eastern Orthodox
Define "Nihilism". Belief that nothing is worth while in Russia. All must be destroyed to apply reason in science to build a better society.
Define "Russification". Forced conquered nations to adopt Russian culture, language, & religion (Eastern Orthodox)
What were the social classes in Russia? Describe them. Czars - Royalty Clergy - religious leaders Boyars - land owning nobles Peasants - poor but weren't slaves Serfs - enslaved peasants
What 3 Dynasties ruled Europe during the 15th - 20th centuries? H.R.E/Spain/Austria - Hapsburgs Russia - Czars Prussia/Germany - Hohenzollerns
Who did the Boyars elect as Czar in 1613? Michael Romanov
Where was the Hohenzollern family from in Germany? Brandenburg (Berlin)
What term was used to describe the Despots that introduced reforms to their nations? Enlightened Despots
What was the period of Russian history called where nobles fought for the control of the throne? Time of Troubles
Describe how Catherine the Great expanded Russia's boundaries south & west. *through wars she extended Russia's boundaries south to Black Sea(WWP) *took 1/3 of Poland(Prussia & Austria took rest) *made Russia a European power *gave Boyars more power *made serfs & peasants work more (if they revolted they would be killed
What were the Jewish restricted districts called? Pale of Settlement
Jews were victimized through Government violence known as _______. Pogroms
Identify 2 achievements & 2 weaknesses of absolute power. (Essay Question) Achievements: 1. Weakened forces trying to disunite a country 2. Furthered the growth of national states Weaknesses: 1. Nations Welfare depend on ability of 1 person often who sacrifices people needs for own wants 2. led their countries into costly w
What is an Autocrat? a ruler who has absolute power
Who made the Boyars shave their beards or pay a tax? Peter the Great
Who ended Mongol rule in Russia and was a Slavic Grand Duke? Ivan the Great (III)
How did Frederick the Great make Prussia a great power? *Began unification of Germany *took Silesia (from Maria Theresa) & 1/3 of Poland *supported literature, music, science, farming, education, equal treatment for all, & religious freedom
Why was St. Petersburg built? to give access to Europe. To trade and to get ideas from Europe.
Match ruling families to the country's they ruled. Spain/H.R.E./Prussia - Hapsburg Russia - Romanov Prussia/Germany - Hohenzollerns
Who partitioned Poland? Prussia/Germany (Frederick the Great), Russia, & Austria
What did enlightened despots do for their countries? Brought in reforms which gave the people more right's
What events occurred during the reign of Catherine the Great? - took Warm Water Port in Black Sea - took 1/3 of Poland - agreed to partition Poland - granted charter of rights to Boyars
Why did the intellectuals attack the absolute monarchs during the 18th century? Was it justified? Explain (Essay Question)
Who were the 1st inhabitants in Russia in the 8th century? Who were the 2nd in 9th century? 1st - Slavs 2nd - Norse
Who ruled before the Time of Troubles? Ivan the Terrible
Who was the 1st ruler of Russia to use the name Czar? Ivan the Great
Who was the 1st ruler of Russia to use Czar Autocrat of all Russia? Ivan the Terrible
Pick a ruler you think is interesting and explain why you think he's interesting? (Essay Question)
Created by: BloodyBetty1
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