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US Hist Chap 10-11

Terms 2

Central Powers WWI Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire/Turkey
Allied Powers WWI Alliance between Britain, France, Russia and eventually the US
No-Man’s Land The land between the Central Powers trenches and the Allied trenches. Troops would rush out of the trenches trying to cross this area to force the enemy back from their trenches
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Germans attacked non-military ships, including merchant and civilian ships, crossing the Atlantic. The most famous sinking was the British liner, the “Lusitania
Zimmerman Telegram Germans to Mexico proposing an alliance. If America joined the war, Germany would help Mexico regain lost territory in exchange for their alliance.Message was intercepted by the British given to US. Major event that prompted the US to join the war effort
Doughboys nickname given to US soldiers during WWI
Liberty Loans/War Bonds The US government raised money through public borrowing by selling these bonds
Propaganda a form of public information used to shape public opinion
Paying for the war The US financed WWI with a combination of taxes and selling bonds
League of Nations The world peacekeeping organization that Woodrow Wilson wanted to create at the conclusion of WWI
Treaty of Versailles The 1919 peace treaty at the end of WWI which established new nations, borders, and war reparations
Food Administration Woodrow Wilson established the Food Administration to help produce and conserve food during WWI. He appointed Herbert Hoover to lead it
War Industries Board An agency established during WW I to increase efficiency and discourage waste in war-related industries
Espionage/Sedition Acts Acts of congress which stated a person could be fined/sent to jail for interfering with the war effort or saying anything disloyal, profane or abusive about the American government or war effort
Selective Service Required men between the ages of 21-31 to register for military
“Big Four” Leaders of the four countries (France, Britain, America and Italy) who were responsible for negotiating the Treaty of Versailles after the war ended
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