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Chapter 22

Section 1

Franklin D. Roosevelt Amer. Pres. elected at the height of the Great Depression
Eleanor Roosevelt FDR's wife on First Lady, known for her active role in the adm.
New Deal programs and legislation enacted by FDR during the Great Depression to promote economic recovery and social reform
fireside chat informal radio broadcast in which FDR communicated with the Amer. people
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation gov. agency that insures bank deposits
Tennessee Valley Authority gov. agency that built dams in the Tennessee Rv. Valley to control floods and generate electric power
Civilian Conservation Corps New Deal program that provided young men with jobs on environmental conservation projects
National Recovery Adm. New Deal agency that promoted economic recovery by regulating production, prices, and wages
Public Works Adm. gov. agency that improved the nation's infrastructure and created millions of jobs
Charles Coughlin Roman Catholic priest who accused FDR of not doing enough to end the depression
Huey Long Louisiana Senator and New Deal critic
Created by: Hellokitty139