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6 - South Asia

South Asia 7th grade

This river empties into the Bay of Bengal & is polluted, but Indians still think it is holy Ganges
This landform creates a barrier between India & China Himalayas
Most people in India believe in another life after death. This is called reincarnation
Seasonal winds, most important influence on climate in South Asia Monsoons
Major religion in India Hinduism
Tallest mountain in the world Everest
Used nonviolence and peaceful protest in India Gandhi
Sending jobs in America to other countries to save money Outsourcing
Hindu tradition when a person dies. They burn the body into ashes and this is called cremation
Popular sport in India Cricket
Not eating meat, Hindu tradition Vegetarian
Summer or winter: monsoons come from south & bring rain Summer
This old Hindu tradition is a system that put people into groups they could not pick Caste
Fancy word that refers to roads, bridges, power options, and sewer systems in a country infrastructure
This man helped India gain freedom & fought for rights for the untouchables Gandhi
TRUE or FALSE: Many Indians consider cows (cattle) to be sacred True
TRUE or FALSE: The population in India is similar to ours in the United States False
TRUE or FALSE: A positive effect of outsourcing is hiring workers for a cheaper wage True
Popular sport in India soccer
Created by: jillrausch
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