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06 - Greece

Greece 6th grade

Greece was located on this continent Europe
The belief in many gods or goddesses Polytheism
Government that lets people vote and have rights Democracy
Government where a few people are in charge Oligarchy
Government with a king, queen, or emperor Monarchy
Land with water on three sides Peninsula
City-state that focused on training, war, and strength Sparta
City-state that focused on trade and education Athens
Built to honor the goddess Athena Parthenon
The belief in ONE god Monotheism
Hears evidence and decides guilt or innocence Jury
Thinker; wants to find answers to everything Philosopher
TRUE or FALSE: Women and slaves could vote in Athens False
To discuss and argue your point of view Debate
Person with rights and responsibilities in a country Citizen
The Greek gods supposedly lived on this mountain Olympus
This sea was to the south & helpful for trade, travel, and food Mediterranean
Used Socratic method of using reasoning skills to ask & answer questions Socrates
Father of Science, must compare & observe Aristotle
TRUE or FALSE: the climate in Greece was mild or nice True
The Greeks had a love for drama, comedy, and satire. They used this to perform theatre
The Greeks were the first to use oration. Oration is another name for a public speech
The Greek gods were involved in many tales that are unbelievable. Some even explain the world around us. These fake stories are called myths
Athens let citizens vote on all decisions. This is what type of democracy direct
In the US, voters elect people to go make laws for them. This is what type of democracy representative
TRUE or FALSE: Olives & grapes were important crops, but hard to grow in rocky soil True
TRUE or FALSE: The Greeks settled where they did because the farmland was great and the gods told them to False
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