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WWI- Kays Mom

WWI- Kay's mom

competition the main reason why WW1 started; the need for power, wealth, land, and the pride that went with these factors.
nationalism the doctrine that national interest, security, etc. are more important than international considerations
militarism the policy of maintaining a strong military organization in aggressive preparedness for war
imperialism the policy and practice of seeking to dominate the economic or political affairs of underdeveloped areas or weaker countries
N-nationalism M-militarism I-imperialism The three “isms” that led to WWI.
isolationism belief in the opposition of the involvement of his or her own country in international alliances, agreements, etc.
1914-1917 The United States had a policy of isolationism from
alliance a close association for a common objective, as of nations, political parties, etc.
M-militarism A-alliances I-imperialism N-nationalism How can you remember what caused WWI?
Triple Alliance (AKA Central Powers) 1882 formed in 1882; an alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary; first included Italy, but Italy withdrew;
Triple Entente (AKA Allied Powers) 1907 an alliance between Britain and Russia and France;
Assassinate-to murder high officials for political or religious reasons The Archduke of Austria (Franz Ferdinand and his wife) are assassinated in the city of Sarajevo in the country of Bosnia in June, 1914. Bosnia was a colony of Austria-Hungary
U-boat a German submarine
blockade a shutting off of a port or region of a belligerent state by the troops or ships of the enemy in order to prevent passage in or out in time of war
Zeppelin any rigid airship: commonly used from 1900 to 1937 Proved to be an ineffective weapon
trench warfare Warfare fought in man-made trenches. Soldiers slept, ate, fought, and died in these open tunnels.
No-man’s land The open area between enemy trenches Usually contained enemy mines
Created by: dreekaowens