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McCreary Midterm

After which act were the colonists angry because they wanted to make their own decisons about what tea to buy? The Tea Act
The Continental Army was organized to fight against? Great Britian
What 1701 document granted Pennsylvania colonists the right to elect legislative representatives? The Charter of Privileges
An arrangement for new states came from The Articles of Confederation
The fundamental orders of Connecticut was the first? Written Constitution in America
The Declaratory Act stated that Parliament did not have to right to? tax colonists
The Northwest Territory was created out of the lands ? of the Ohio River and ? of the Mississippi River? north, east
Tobacco saved what colony by making money? Jamestown
John Locke, an English philosopher said that all people have the right to life, __________ and property liberty
The Constitution had to be approved by how many states? Nine
New York City was orginially called New Amsterdam
The Townshend Acts taxed goods being _________ to the colonists? Imported
The branch of govt deals with the court system is called the ___________branch Judicial
The Tea Act gave the East India Company an advantage over? Colonial merchants
Thomas Paine believe that the colonists should __________ from Great Britain break away
Where did Squanto and Samoset help the Pilgrims? In Plymouth
Delaware was once a part of what colony? Pennsylvania
The large and small state plans were combined into a plan called? The Great Compromise
British customs officer's were allowed to search homes for smuggled goods if they had a writs of assistance
The Treaty of Paris recognized the United States an an independent country
Parliament passed the Coercive Acts in response to The Boston Tea Party
Maryland was founded as a place for what religious group to practice freely? Catholics
Those who wanted to reform (change) the Catholic Church were called Puritians
New Jersey was named after an island in the? English Channel
Under the ____________, one problem was it could not deal with the nation's finances Articles of Confederation
The king was asked to protect the colonists rights with what document? Olive Branch petition
To avoid taxes, some colonists resorted to? smuggling
Because of inflation, Congress stopped issued? Paper Money
King George III said that Blows must decide
A new national govt was based on mainly which plan Virginia Plan
Which act taxed the colonists without their consent? The Stamp Act
George Washington was the first commander of the Continental Army
A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called a republic
Who represented Americans and challenged British control? Continental Congress
Georgia was started as a place for ? to make a fresh start? debtors
Those who __________ the Constitution feared the national govt would take away rights from people opposed
A privateer is a ? privately owned armed weapon ship
Paul Revere made an engraving of the Boston Massacre. This is an example of propaganda
The small state plan was called The New Jersey plan and gave equal representation
The large state plan was called The Virginia plan and gave states with more population more seats
What was the turning point of the Revolutionary War? The Battle of Saratoga
In 1624, Virginia became a ________ colony royal
What are burgesses elected representatives to enact local laws.
What was the last colony? Georgia
After the Revolution, the colonies went through a depression
Indentured servants were settlers who paid for their passage to America by working without pay for a period of time.
Lafayette offered his services to General George Washington
Bacon's Rebellion took place in Virginia
Investors buy shares in the company in the hope of sharing future profits is called joint-stock company
John White thought that the Roanoke settlers may have moved to Croatoan Island
What rebellion caused the Continental Congress to revise (change) the Articles? Shays
A landowner in New Netherland patroon
Who founded the colony of PA? Quakers
Who surrendered to the British without a fight in 1664 making New Amsterdam New York City? Peter Stuyvessant
A pacifist is someone who refuses to fight wars
A surprise attack is called a(n) ambush
Comte de Rochambeau was a ________ commander French
The Treaty of Paris was signed in what year 1783
Surrendered to Washington at Yorktown Cornwallis
ratify means to approve officially
The process which indirectly elects the president? The Electoral College
system that keeps one branch from becoming too powerful checks and balances
A federalist (supported/did not support) the Constitution support
The men who shaped the Constitution were called Framers
An anti-federalist (supported/did not support) the Constitution did not support
Minutemen were local militia ready to fight at a moment's notice
The three principles, written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence are Life, liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness
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