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McCreary Test

Midterm History Test

Why were colonists angry after the Tea Act? They wanted to make their own decisions about what tea to buy
Which group did the colonies organize to fight against Great Britain? Continental Army
What 1701 document granted Pennsylvania colonists the right to elect legislative representatives? the Charter of Privileges
One of the Confederation’s accomplishments was an arrangement for new states in the West
The first written constitution in America was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Which act stated that Parliament did have the right to tax colonists? Declaratory Act
What was the single territory that was created out of the lands north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River? Northwest Territory
Which crop saved Jamestown by making money for the settlement’s investors? tobacco
The belief that all people have a right to life, liberty, and property was promoted by philosopher John Locke
Convention delegates agreed that the Constitution must be approved by how many states? 9 states
Which of these was originally called New Amsterdam? New York City
Goods being imported to the colonies were taxed by which act? Townshend Acts
The branch of government that deals with the court system is called the judicial branch
Based on Patrick Henry’s words, which side does he favor? the Patriots
Which act gave the East India Company an advantage over colonial merchants? Tea Act
What was Thomas Paine’s opinion about the colonies and Great Britain? The colonies should break from British rule
Pilgrims survived in Plymouth due to the help of Squanto and Samoset
William Penn allowed some of Pennsylvania’s southern counties to function as a separate colony called Delaware
Convention delegates broke the deadlock between large and small states when they approved the Great Compromise
What did writs of assistance allow British customs officers to search? homes for smuggled goods
British recognized the United States as an independent nation in the Treaty of Paris
This document was approved after Congress passed Richard Henry Lee’s resolution for independence. What is the name of the document? Bill of Rights
How did Parliament react to the news of the Boston Tea Party? Parliament passed the Coercive Acts
When Britain learned that the colonies were on the brink of rebellion in 1768, what was Parliament’s response? Parliament sent troops to Boston
Which colony was founded as a place for Catholics to practice their religion freely? Maryland
Protestants who wanted to reform the Anglican Church were called Puritans
Which of the following was named after an island in the English Channel? New Jersey
One major weakness of the Confederation was that it could not deal with the nation’s finances
What did the Olive Branch Petition ask the king to do? protect the colonists’ rights
What did some colonists do to avoid taxes? They resorted to smuggling
Which problem caused Congress to stop issuing paper money? inflation
Who said that "blows must decide" who would rule America? George III
Constitutional Convention delegates voted to work toward a new national government based on the Virginia Plan
Which act taxed colonists without their consent? Stamp Act
What was the dramatic act of defiance that some colonists celebrated? Boston Tea Party
Who was the first commander of the Continental Army? George Washington
Americans formed a republic, a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives
What was the political body that represented Americans and challenged British control? Continental Congress
Which of these colonies was established as a place for debtors to make a fresh start? Georgia
Those who opposed the Constitution feared the national government would take rights away from people
A merchant ship that is privately owned and armed with weapons is called a privateer
Paul Revere’s engraving of which event was an example of propaganda that led to more intense anti-British feelings among the colonists? Boston Massacre
What plan was supported by the small states at the Constitutional Convention and why? The New Jersey Plan. This plan was unicameral and gave equal representation to large and small states
What plan was supported by the large states at the Constitutional Convention and why? The Virginia Plan. This plan was bicameral and the number of representatives was based on population. More people=more reps=more power
France realized that the United States might win the war after the American victory at Saratoga
In 1624 King James took control of the Virginia Colony from the Virginia Company, making the area a ____________________ colony. royal
When the Virginia Company sent ____________________ to Jamestown, and marriage and children became part of life in Virginia. women
The men of Jamestown elected representatives called ____________________ to enact local laws. burgesses
People from the continent of ____________________ were enslaved in the Southern Colonies. Africa
Founded in 1733, ____________________ was the last English colony established in North America Georgia
The United States went through an economic ____________________ after the American Revolution. depression
____________________ servants were settlers who paid for their passage to America by working without pay for a period of time. indentured
When Lafayette arrived in Philadelphia from France, he offered his services to _________________________. General George Washington
Bacon’s Rebellion was a revolt against the government of the ____________________ colony. Virginia
In a joint-stock company, investors buy shares, or part ownership, in the company in the hope of sharing future ____________________. profits
Although bad weather kept John White from investigating, he thought the Roanoke settlers might have moved to _________________________. Croatoan Island
After hearing about _________________________, George Washington was willing to revise the Articles of Confederation. Shays's Rebellion
The presence of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin guaranteed public trust in the ______________________________. Constitutional Convention
a landowner in New Netherland patroon
founded the colony of Pennsylvania Quakers
surrendered to the English without a fight in 1664 Peter Stuyvesant
the sole owner and ruler of a colony Proprietor
someone who refuses to fight wars pacifist
a surprise attack ambush
French commander Comte de Rochambeau
Septermber 3, 1783 Treaty of Paris
British commander at Yorkton Charles Cornwallis
to approve officialy ratify
Electoral College inderectly elects the president
checks and balances system that keeps any one branch of government from gaining to much power
federalist supporter of the Constuition
Framers the men who shaped the Constuition
Anti-federalist favored local government controlled more closely by the people
Why were some militias known as minutemen? They could be ready to fight at a minutes notice
What were some of the things that encouraged the Boston Massacre? Taxes imposed on the Colonies, Armies sent to occupy Cities, Soldiers being rude and violent to Colonists, Soldiers stealing from Shops, fighting with people and competing for jobs
Who held the power to create money? The National Government
What three principles, written by Thomas Jefferson as universal principles are in the Declaration of Independence? Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
What is the Great Compromise and how did it establish the legislative body? Great Compromise combined attributes of the Virginia and New Jersey plans. House of Representatives was established based on population - made the big states happy. Senate was established by giving all states 2 Senators - made the small states happy.
What have you enjoyed learning about so far this year? What are you excited to learn about in the second part of the school year?
What was the first Act to pass (1764)? Sugar Act
Created by: erickben
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