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American Revolution

American Revolution Test Study Guide Questions

what role did taxes play in the american revolution they started the way by starting uprisings of the colonists against the British government
why did great britain make taxes they were in debt
who was the british king during the american revolution King George the Third
explain the sugar act tax on imported goods. sugar, tea, coffee, textiles
explain the stamp act tax on stamps
explain the quatering act colonists had to provide necessities for soldiers
explain the townshend act tax on imported goods. glass, lead, paper, paint
explain the tea act tax on tea
explain the intolerable acts series of laws to punish Massachusetts for Boston tea party
what ways did colonists protest acts boycotts, tar and feather, effigies
what was the boston massacre snowball turned fire fight between colonists and soldiers
how many people were killed during the boston massacre 5
who painted the famous painting of the boston massacre Paul Revere
what was the boston tea party in response to the tea act
who was at the boston tea party 30-130 colonists
what happened at the boston tea party colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into boston harbor
who were the sons of liberty group formed by angry colonists
when did the sons of liberty form After the stamp act
how did the sons of liberty use the committee of correspondence to protest and arouse the colonists into action
name of the three riders during the midnight ride paul revere, william dawes, samuel prescott
what happened to the three riders during the midnight ride revere was captured Dawes was injured and Prescott was successful
what did paul revere shout during the midnight ride the british are coming
why did paul revere shout what he did during the midnight ride to prepare the colonists for the british who were approaching
when was the first continental congress 1774
what was the purpose of the first continental congress to vote to not trade with Britain until the intolerable acts were repealed.
who proposed independence and when Richard Henry Lee, june 1776
who wrote the declaration of independence Thomas Jefferson
when was the declaration of independence approved July 4th, 1776
what are the three parts of the declaration of independence reason for seperating, complaints, statement of independence
concord and lexington battle "shot heard around the world" started the war
yorktown battle british surrended, war ended
what treaty ended the war treaty of paris
massacre brutal slaughter of people
perspective point of view
propaganda biased information used to promote a point of view
quartering to house and feed
boycott refuse to buy
smuggle to bring in illegally
tory loyal to king george the third
patriot fight for american cause
Created by: edenbreslauer