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Unit 7 US History T

4. Who were the “Big Three” leaders? Stalin, FDR, Churchill
13. Why did Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb on Japan? Fear of loss of life at a Japanese invasion
1. Why did FDR want to get involved with WWII before the Bombing of Pearl Harbor? if Great Britain fell to Hitler, it would be a threat to US democracy
11. Did the supreme court approve or disapprove of Japanese Internment? approve
18. List 3 reasons the Soviets were hostile towards the Allies after WWII, leading to the Cold War. not opening a Western Front earlier; refusing to share atomic bomb information; US had attempted to help anti-communist rebels in the Soviet Union right after WWI
26. What was Eisenhower’s purpose for the Interstate Highway Act? What was the unintended consequence of this act? Purpose: easily evacuate cities during nuclear war; Unintended: rise of suburbs
2. What act was passed after the Neutrality Acts are abandoned according to the cartoon to the left? Lend Lease Act
22. Why did Kennedy put up a naval blockade around Cuba in 1962? Soviet Union Missiles were stationed there
7. After the Allies were victorious at the turning point battles of Midway and North Africa, the United States was able to fight an offensive war or defensive war? Offensive War
5. Why did President Roosevelt refer to December 7, 1941 as “a day which will live in infamy?” Bombing of Pearl Harbor
28. What were women’s roles like after WWII? traditional wife and mother
19. How did the Manhattan Project influence an arms race between the US and Soviet Union after WWII? US failed to share nuclear bomb information
31. How did the size of the middle class change after WWII? increased
6. Why did women and minorities gain economically during WWII? given the jobs of male soldiers overseas
29. List 3 causes of suburban development in the 1950’s. Baby Boom, GI Bill, Interstate Highway Act
8. What is the main idea of this cartoon? Buy War Bonds to fund the war and fight Hitler
3. Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor? natural resources, its desire to expand its empire, and a fear that the US’s embargo
20. Which Cold War conflict was a UN police action? Korean War
10. Was the treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII unjust, favorable, or justifiable? unjust
15. Why was Israel created? atrocities of the Holocaust
17. The Soviet’s launching Sputnik into space caused the United States to invest in what type of education? Why? Math and Science to be competative
12. What did African Americans want to do after the treatment they encountered as members of the military during WWII? Fight for civil rights at home
25. How did the GI Bill affect the growth of suburbs? (did they grow or get smaller) Grow
21. This is a picture of the border between what 2 countries? North and South Korea
9. What did Rosie the Riveter symbolize? Women’s new role in the US workforce during the war.
23. What event sparked this political cartoon? Cuban Misisle Crisis
14. What was the US’s foreign policy before WWII? How did this change after WWII? (Hint think UN and NATO) Isolationism to Global alliances
Policy towards communism including containment of communism where it is (throuh military and economic involvement) based on the domino theory b. Truman Doctrine
CIA trains anti-Castro exiles living in the US to invade Cuba. Complete failure embarrassing JFK j. Bay of Pigs (who was embarrassed by its failure?)
idea that if one country fell to communism then other countries around could also fall to communism d. Domino Theory
Term used to refer to the tension between the US and Soviet Union from the end of WWII into the early 1990's. a. Cold War
US and England dropped supplies for 15 months into West Berlin after the Soviet Union set up a blockade in order to take control of all of the city f. Berlin Airlift
Alliance between the US, Canada, and Western Europe promising to come to the defense of any of the other members if attacked (especially by communist nations of the Warsaw Pact-Eastern Europe and Soviet Union) h. NATO
Line dividing the Soviet Backed communist East Europe from the US backed democratic West Europe e. Iron Curtain
Idea that the US could not fight a war against countries that were already communist but could prevent its spread to new countries c. Containment Policy
Financial support given to Western Europe after WWII in order to prevent communist uprisings in these countries g. Marshall Plan
Starts a second red scare -A irrational fear of communism sparked by the Cold War. i. McCarthyism
Provides vets with job opportunities, money for school, job training, and loans for purchasing homes and property n. GI Bill
children born in the years immediate following WWII o. Baby Boomer
US blacks Cuba when the Soviet Union puts missiles in the country-2 point weapons at each other on the brink of war for 13 days until agree to: a nuclear test ban treaty, US recognition of Cuba, and a direct phone line between the 2 countries k. Cuban Missile Crisis
The movement of whites into white suburbs when African Americans began moving into Northern Cities post WWII p. White Flight
Promoted sciences and mathematics in US Schools to increase US competitiveness in these fields US Will lead the race with the Moon Landing m. The National Defense and Education Act
Promise to contain communism in the Middle East l. Eisenhower Doctrine
24. How did the GI Bill affect the middle class? (did it grow or get smaller grow
27. How did WWII and The Great Depression impact spending in the United States in the late 40’s and 50’s? spending and consumerism increased with their end
30. List 3 causes of the Baby Boom Economic Prosperity, End of WWII, End of the Great Depression
34. What is this man to the left protesting? Communism
33. During the 1950’s and 60’s more white collar or more blue collar jobs were created? white collar
32. What (from the 1920’s)returned in the 1950’s with the invention of the credit card? buy now pay later
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