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American History

Market Revolution 1800-1840 -economic transformation sparked by innovations (com&trans) -local economies--> national economies - canals, railroads, telegraphs, steamboats
Cotton Gin 1793 -Eli whitney, Georgia -simple device with rollers and brushes -quickly separated cotton from seed -revolutionized American slavery
Indian Removal Act 1830 -Andrew Jackson -provided funds to uproot the 5 civilized tribes -led to court cases then trail of tears
Missouri Compromise 1820 -Missouri drafts a constitution -maine admitted as free state -slavery prohibited in all remaining territory within Lousiana purch.north of 36 30
Monroe Doctrine 1823 -drafted by adams -The us will oppose further colonization in Americas -US stay out of European wars -warned Europe not to interfere in Latin America
second Seminole war 1835-1842 - largest most costly indian war - 1,500 americans die -Indians and blacks forced to move westward
Frederick Jackson Turner 1861-1932 -American historian known for his thoughts on westward expansion
Plantation Legend 1860's- -benevolent masters, father figure, take care of slaves - in the north, laborers are "disposable"
Solomon Northup 1808--1863 -Free African American man who was kidnaped into slavery -writes 12 years a slave
Margaret Garner 1856 -slave who escapes with her kids - kills her kids after being caught so they wouldn't have to return to slavery
Nat Turner 1800-1831 -slave preacher in Virginia -led the last large scale revolt -women and children victims -"was Christ not cruicified?"
Fancy Girls began in 1830's -young slaver women who were high priced because of physical atractiveness
Pushing System 1800-1860 - increase in cotton production despite no tech. advances -quota system--> beat, raped, mutilated, lashed, water borded
Bleeding Kansas 1856 -pro slavery Missourians crossed the border and cast fraudulent ballots - sporadic civil war broke out
Emancipation Proclamation January 1st 1863 -Lincoln - Freed slaves in states currently in Rebellion
13th Amendment January 31st 1865 -abolished slavery in the union
Free soil Party 1848 -platform barred slavery from the western territories and for the federal gov't to provide free homesteads to settlers
Gabriel's Rebellion 1800 -Virginia - plan to march into the city and kill whites and keep some hostage until their demands were met. -plot discovered. 26 hanged,
Saartjie Baartman 1790-1815 -worked as a slave in cape town. -she was brought to London and put on exhibit as a scientific curiousity
William Lloyd Garrison 1805-1879 -prominent abolitionist and journalist
The Liberator 1830 - Abolitionist paper
Angelina Grimke 1805-1879 -abolitionist who supported womens suffrage -daughter of prominent slaveholder in south carolina
Manifest Destiny 1845 -John O'sullivan -divine mission to occupy North America -mission to extend freedom -led to westward expansion
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna 1794-1876 - leader during the Mexican-American War
Treaty of Gaudalupe Hidalgo 1848 -treaty ended the Mexican-American War -mexico ceded 500 million square miles to the us
Compromise of 1850 1850 1. California would enter the union as a free state 2. the slave trade would be abolished in DC 3. a stringent new law would allow southerners to reclaim runaways 4. popular sovereignty in Mexican cession lands
Fugitive Slave Act 1850 - the law allowed federal commissioners to determine the fate of alleged fugitives without the benefit of a jury trial
Dred Scott 1857 1. could a black person be a citizen and sue? 2. did residence in a frees state make scott free? 3. did congress possess the power to prohibit salvery in a territory?
Mary and Emily Edmonson 1832-1853 - celebrated in the US abolition movement -play fancy girls in abolition theatres
Battle of Antietam 1862 -fought in Maryland - inconclusive result - bloodiest battle in American history -22,000 cassualties
Black Codes 1860's -granted certain rights, such as legalized marriage, ownership of property, and limited access to the courts. -denied the right to testify against whites, to serve on juries, or vote.
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