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Progressive Era

Study Guide

Which amendment tried to prohibit the industry? 18th
Which amendment were the men against? 19th
The _____________ era is represented by the desire for improved safety conditions, reduced work hours, and restricted on child labor. Progressive
Which two women were influential in gaining women's suffrage? Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton
"Eight hours for work, Eight hours for rest Eight hours for what we will" ---American Federation of Labor (AFL) song In singing this song, what were union MEMBERS asking for? EIGHT hour work day
What issue was most contributed to the early growth of labor unions? Dangerous work conditions
During the early 20th century, motivated labor unions to limit employment of __________. children
Positive effects of industrialization and mechanization included more access to consumer goods, an increased demand for workers, and _________ production. lower
Negative effects of ______________ and mechanization included unsafe conditions,child labor, and low wages. industrialization
Which event on American history is in postage stamp? 19th
The purpose of the 18th Amendment was to stop _________ sales. alcohol
The best title for a picture taken during the industrial Revolution would be...."The _______ effects of _____________" Negative, Industrialization
Which amendment gave women right to vote? 19th
During the Progressive Movement, working conditions by creating groups of workers in the same trade known as ________ ________ that bargain with the employment for better working conditions. labor unions
What comes first-The 13th Amendment abolished slavery or Slavery is common practice on large plantations in the South? Slavery is common practice on large plantations in the South, then The 13th Amendment abolished slaver
What region was Pennsylvania? North East
What region was Delaware? South East
What region was North Dakota? Mid West
"To educate a man is to unfit him to be a slave" Which person would have made this quote? Douglass
"To the best of my judgement I have labor for, and not against the Union." Which person would have made this quote? Lincoln
Created by: Brianna Beatty