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Social Studies

What is the key difference between the Native American land claims and reservation lands? reservation lands were smaller
Why did many Americans and immigrants move west after the Civil War? to own land
What did most settlers in the West do for a living? farm and ranch
What was the main reason that Native Americans resisted settlement of the West? they did not want to lose their land
Who said, "I am tired. My heart is sick and sad...I will fight no more forever." Chief Joseph
What was the Indian Chief who said he would fight no more forever promising to do? to move peacefully to a reservation
Why did homesteaders on the Great Plains build their homes from sod? there were few trees
Why did cattle ranchers send cattle to market by train? trains were fast and cheap
How did Alaska become part of the United States? America bought it from Russia
Why did Alaska's population grow? gold was discovered there
The discovery of gold and silver resulted in a **** in Colorado and Nevada. boom
When a **** occurred, busy western mining towns became ghost towns. bust
Many groups of Plains Indians signed **** with the United States to give up their land. treaties
The United States government setup **** for use only by Native Americans. reservations
On a ****, ranchers moved cattle from Texas to railroads that shipped them to Chicago. long drive
What is a boom town? towns that grew very quickly
Why did boom towns develop in the West? the discovery of silver and gold
How did the loss of buffalos affect Native American groups on the Great Plains? the Indians depended on the buffalo or their basic needs.
How did technology help settlers adapt to life on the Great Plains in the 1880s? windmills pumped water where water could be hard to find
What was "Seward's Folly"? what some people called the deal to buy Alaska from Russia
Why did "Seward's Folly" turn out to be a good deal? because they found gold after the purchase
Why did some Americans lead a group to take over the government of Hawaii in 1893? Queen Liluokalani was hurting American's businesses
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