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U.S. History 5-2

Key terms for History

Tariffs Taxes on imports or exports
interstate commerce Trade between two or more states
Depression A period of low economic activity combined with a raise in unemployment
Inflation This occurs when their are increased prices for goods and services combined with he reduced value of money
Shay's Rebellion The uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt became known as
Land and fur trade routes The United States wanted to gain control of these forts because they protected value
Debts After the revolutionary war most states had a hard time paying off war ______.
Nine _____ states decided to send delegates to the Annapolis, Convention
Little When Massachusetts had asked the national government to help Shay's Rebellion, congress could offer _____ help
National Conference _____ _______ took place in Annapolis, Maryland, in September Seventeen-eighty Six
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