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Endo Final


The DIRECT target tissue of the hormone Oxytocin is Muscles
What is a NON-HORMONAL related manifestation of a pituitary tumor: Visual changes.
Most common age for TESTICULAR TUMOR is 15-25
Why is stress reduction IMPORTANT part of treating diabetes mellitus. Stress produces increased level of catecholaminse and cortisol
S/Sx of DE QUERVAIN'S is Tender thyroid and increased T4
A person who is suffering from MYXEDEMA will tend to be _______ to medications More sensitive to medications.
SYMPATHETIC stimulation will result in Increased testosterone and increased heart rate.
The MOST COMMON cause of primary hypoganadism is Seminiferious tubule dysgenesis AkA XXY AKA Kleinfelter's
Due to metabolic effect of the thyroid hormone a HYPERthyriod state will tend to produce Low cholesterol and high glucose.
Which of the following will be a cause for a goiter to develop Hashimoto's disease
TESTICULAR TUMORS tend to have a predilection for which of the following location? Lower pole
Which of the following increases the odds of having a child with a the XXY chromosomal pattern? Maternal age
The most common presentation for thyroid cancer is A nodule
Which of the following are factors associated with developing of OSTEOPOROSIS? Underweight and late menarche
Growth hormone is normally at its highest level at which time of day? After falling asleep.
What is most commonly associated with a LOWER levels of sperm? Varicocele
Goiterigens BLOCK the following action Uptake of Iodide by the thyroid
An increase will result in glucose and fatty acids GH
A decrease will result in muscle tetany Vitamin D
An increase will directly result in a decrease in immune function Cortisol
A decrease will result in a lowering levels of testosterone in the testes. FSH
An increase will result in glactorrehea Prolactin
At high levels will result in vasaconstriction ADH
Responsible for the re-absorption of calcium from the kidneys PTH
An increase can indirectly cause a lowering of blood glucose levels Estrogen
Cushing's disease is due to a tumor secreting ACTH
Which conditions cause INSULIN RESISTANCE Graves, Acromegaly, Cushing's
Long term use of exogenous corticosteroids produces Diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis
Which of the following can produce a condition of fasting hypoglycemia without hyperinsulinema Alcohol ingestion
Which of the following may be a cause of gynecomastia? Kliendelter's, testicular tumor
Galactorrhea in 30 year old male most likely due to Head trauma and adrenal tumor
Which of the following induces masculinaztion of a female Cushing's disease
Which of the following is required for the peripheralization of PTH Magnesium
Which of the following is to be considered in the osteopenic range on a DEXA scan -2.0
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