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Constution Test

What groups influenced the Constitution? Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. These governments of these ancient cultures were based on democratic rule.
What two documents also influenced the Constitution? The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights. They set limits on the power of the monarch.
Who was John Locke? English Philosopher, and believed in life, liberty, and property
Who was Baron de Montesquieu? French writer, believed the power of government should be separated and balanced
What was the Two Treatises of Civil Government? (1690) an agreement between the government and the people
What was the Spirit of Laws? (1748) the powers of government should be clearly defined and limited
What was the Constitutional Convention? when Congress states to send delegates to Philadelphia to fix the Articles of Confederation
What was the Annapolis Convention? a meeting in Maryland of only 12 delegates from five states that addressed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
Who was Alexander Hamilton? called for new convention in Philadelphia
George Washington... was skeptical and initially unwilling to attend but was convinced by Shay's Rebellion; presided over the convention. His presence made this meeting important. Everyone wanted to be there. The meeting was held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA.
These meetings were kept... secret until the conclusion of the convention
What was The Virginia Plan? the plan that said, "there was a chief executive, a federal court system, and a two-house legislature." Also, a states population would determine representation in Congress. (FAVORED LARGE STATES)
Who was Edmund Randolph? proposed a plan written by James Madison
Who was Thomas Jefferson? was known as the Father of the United States Constitution
What was the New Jersey Plan? Well, the Virginia Plan favored LARGE states. This plan would allow Congress to set taxes and regulate trade, the executive branch could have more than one executive, and there was a one-house legislature (meant that there was one vote for each state)
Who was William Patterson? proposed a plan (the New Jersey Plan) that favored small states.
What was the Great Compromise? (aka. the Connecticut Comprise) . The Compromise said that there was a two house legislature. So, the Senate (upper) had equal representation, two members per states regardless of population. The House of Representatives (Lower) had representation based on the population of each state
Who was Roger Sherman? presented the Connecticut Compromise
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise? Southern states wanted to include slaves in population (meant more representation in Congress. Northern states objectified. Under this compromise, a slave would count as 3/5 of a person.
Created by: SSSullivan