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Word Lesson 6

Aspect Ratio The relationship of an object's height to its width.
Callout A special type of label in a drawing that consists of a text box with an attached kine to point to something in the drawing.
Chart A visual representation of numerical data, which can be in the form of lines, bars, wedges in pie, or other graphics.
Clip Art Graphics that are stored in the Clip Organizer or available online that you can insert in any document.
Crop To remove part of a picture.
Diagram A visual representation of data to help readers better understand relationships among data.
Floating Object An object in a document that acts as if it were sitting in a separate layer on the page, and can be repositioned anywhere on the page.
Graphic A picture that helps illustrate the meaning of the text and make the page more attractive; graphics include predefined shapes, diagrams, and charts, as well as photographs and drawing.
Inline Objest An object in a document that can be repositioned as if it were a character in the line of text.
Keyword A word or phrase used in a search.
Object Anything that appears on the screen that you can select and work with as a whole, such as a shape, picture, or chart.
Pull Quote Text copied from a document and set off in a text box.
Rotation Handle A green circle that appears connected to a selection around an object that you can drag to rotate the object.
Selection Rectange The box that appears around an object when it is selected.
Sidebar Text set off from the main body of text in a text box that provides additional information for the reader.
Sizing Handle A square, circle, or set of three dots that appears on a selection rectangle around an object and that you can drag to resize the object.
SmartArt A predesigned chart or diagram that visually illustrates text and includes formatted graphics.
Text Box A shape specifically designed to hold text.
WordArt Stylized text that is treated as an object.
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