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social studies ch.23

world wars

Despite neutrality, some Americans of German or Austrian descent and blank favored the Central Powers; even more Americans favored the blank. Ireland Allies
to gain support, both sides used... Propaganda
American trade with the Allies soared due to Britain's blockade of... Germany
Stating that if it would sink any vessels that entered or left British ports, Germany torpedoed the British passenger liner blank near the coast of Ireland on May 7 1915 Lusitania
Under the blank, Germany promised to warn neutral ships and passengers vessels before attacking sussex
Blank broke off diplomatic relations with Germany after it announced it would sink all merchant vessels sailing to Allied ports. Pres. Wilson
The blank in Russia led Wilson to argue that the Allies were fighting a war for blank revolution democracy
Congress passed a blank that was signed by Wilson on April 6, 1917. declaration of war
To raise an army, Congress the blank selective service act
who was assassinated on June 28 1914? Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What encouraged new nations to unify and establish their power in the world? Nationalism
What by one European nation often brought it into conflict with another country? Expansion
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed what? Triple Alliance
What was that an attack on one nation could trigger a war involving many countries? alliance system
The what were Germany, and Austria-Hungary Central Powers
What changed the way wars were fought? Tanks, airplanes, and submarines
What greatly improved in accuracy and range of fire? Guns
What made it possible for a single soldier to effectively take on multiple opponents at once? machine guns
what is an example of chemical warfare? poison gas
when did World war I take place between 1914 and 1918
what was one of WWI consequences? led almost directly to WWII
what was another name for WWI The Great War
How many soldiers died in battle? 9 million
How many civilians died? 13 million
Diseases like the FLU raised the death toll an additional... 20,000,000
the loss of life worldwide surpassed how much 40 million
was the convoy successful why? Yes In 1 year it reduced Allied shipping losses 900,000 to 300,000
what type of government did the Bolsheviks establish? Communist Lenin is leader
What enabled Germany to move thousands of troops from the Eastern Front to the Western front? Treaty of Brest Litovsk
Who was the leader pf the American Expeditionary Force? US military in Europe John J Pershing
why were American soldiers nicknamed dough boys? their brass uniform buttons resembled boiled dumplings
Where did the Amerians' most massive attack in history take place? Battle of Argonne nearly 7 weeks
To whom had the gov. of Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire surrendered by late 1918? Allied Powers
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