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Ch.7 History Sec 2,3

Chapter 7 Grade 10 History

Eli Whitney an early inventor who developed the process of interchangeable parts
Robert FUlton this guy is associated with developing steam powered modes of transportation. He did this first with ships then with trains. Revolutionized river boat commerce by allowing large ships to travel upstream
Samuel Slater a British dude with a great memory. He memorized plans weaving machines while still living in England. He moved to the U.S. and with his memory had one built for himself
War of 1812 and Republicans it did cause many Republicans to see the benefits of a more powerful national government
Andrew Jackson 1824 Jackson was victimized by the "corrupt bargain." He won the popular vote but not the electoral.
Henry Clay Guy that made deal with Adams in 1824. Became Secretary of State and later went on to create Missouri Compromise.
Missouri Compromise Slavery was becoming an emerging issue. Goal was to maintain the slave/free state political balance.
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