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Obligations & Respon

Business Obligations and Responsibilities

Four records that are needed to satisfy the Board of Equalization gross receipts from sales of tangible, substance report, all bills, receipts, invoices, cash register receipts, total purchases prices of tangible personal property, paper work used to calculate and prepare taxes
What agency do you collect, hold, and pay sales tax to? State Board of Equalization
How often do you collect, hold and pay sales taxes to the State Board of Equalization? monthly or quarterly
True or False. Name of employee should be on the W-4? TRUE
True or False. Address of employee should be on the W-4 form. TRUE
True or False. SSN should be in the W-4 form. TRUE
True or False. Number of dependents withholding should be on the W-4. TRUE
What is the rate of self-employment tax? 15.30%
What agency is self-employment tax paid to? IRS
How often is self-employment tax paid? quarterly estimates: file annually
Who do you send the W-2 form to? Copy A goes to Social Security Administration, Copy to state, city, or local tax department, copy to employee
How often do you send the W-2 form? Once per year, no later than January 31 of the preceding year
What is the DE 34 used for? Reporting the hiring of a new employee to the EDD
What is the base rate for the State Unemployment Insurance? 3.40%
What agency do you pay the State Unemployment Insurance tax to? EDD
What is the base rate for the Federal Unemployment Tax Act? 0.06%
What is the base rate for the FICA? 7.65%
What is At-Will policy? Employee may quit at any time without notice or employee may terminate without notice
Probation period should be used when in an At-Will Policy? In the beginning of employment
What type of environment is it when sexual jokes, suggestive remarks and physical interference is allowed? Hostile
What type of harassment is it when an employee has to go out with the manager in order to receive a bonus? Quid Pro Quo
Bona Fide Occupational Qualification is legal when? Relationship between classification and job performance; necessary for the successful performance; job performance affected is the essence of the employer's business operation
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