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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
ServSafe Pathogens Bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold Culinary Arts 2012-05-18 kalimu12 148 0 edit
Food Costs, terms Study Guide Culinary Arts 2017-07-16 kalimu12 130 1 edit
BEP Rules & Regs BEP Rules & Regs Miscellaneous 2016-06-13 kalimu12 128 0 edit
Control FC Formulas Formulas to control Food Costs Culinary Arts 2012-07-16 kalimu12 21 0 edit
Safety_Set 1 The Law and your Responsibility Business 2012-11-20 kalimu12 65 0 edit
Safety_Set 2 Preventing_Accidents Culinary Arts 2016-03-28 kalimu12 62 0 edit
Purchasing Inventory and Purchasing Business 2014-09-29 kalimu12 70 0 edit
Serv Save Tempertures and hygiene Unfinished 2015-03-12 kalimu12 63 0 edit
Payroll CA Payroll responsibilities and withholdings Unfinished 2014-09-30 kalimu12 29 0 edit
BEP Regs and Rules BEP Regulations and Rules Unfinished 2014-12-02 kalimu12 37 0 edit
Cost Control Cost Control Miscellaneous 2014-12-02 kalimu12 16 0 edit
Sanitation & Safety Sanitation and Safety Miscellaneous 2014-12-02 kalimu12 32 0 edit
Espresso Espresso machine, drinks and coffe beans Miscellaneous 2014-12-02 kalimu12 56 0 edit
Obligations & Respon Business Obligations and Responsibilities Business 2014-12-02 kalimu12 22 0 edit
Sales Tax Sales Tax Miscellaneous 2016-04-05 kalimu12 21 0 edit
Customer Services Customer Services Miscellaneous 2014-12-02 kalimu12 18 0 edit
Vending Terminology Miscellaneous 2016-05-02 kalimu12 42 0 edit

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