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Civil Rights

Civil Rights Movement

Jim Crow laws policy in the South that kept blacks from being equal through various laws
Plessy v. Ferguson ruled that facilities like schools can be "separate but equal"
Truman's Executive Order 9981 during the Korean War presidential action that desegregated the military, now blacks and whites could serve together
WWII time period that gave blacks access to jobs and served as an irony as the US was fighting a war against racism but were racist
Brown v. Board of Education ruled the "separate but equal" was unconstitutional and created an inferior class of people
Emmitt Till young black man whose killing in Mississippi showed the nation the brutality of racism in the South
Rosa Parks lady who refused to move from her bus seat, sparking a bus boycott that ended segregated busing
Little Rock Nine 9 black students who attended the white school in Arkansas
President Eisenhower president who sent in federal troops to help the Little Rock 9 attend school
Greensboro sit-in effort to desegregate lunch counters by sitting and being non-violent
Bull Connor racist Birmingham police chief who brought out water hoses + police dogs on people marching
Governor Wallace he was famous for saying "segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever"
"I have a Dream..." MLK's famous speech of hoping to end segregation in America
Civil Rights Act 1964 federal law that ended segregation in public places (hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc.)
Voting Rights Act 1965 federal law that ended voting restrictions
Poll tax having to pay money to vote, banned by the 24th Amendment
de facto segregation segregation by the mere FACT of practice or custom: where people choose to live, who they choose to go to church with
de jure segregation segregation by law, like Jim Crow laws
Malcolm X radical black leader who promoted a more violent approach before he had a revelation that he should seek peace. He is killed by rival members of the Nation of Islam
Black Panthers black group that promoted using violence if needed to demand rights
Affirmative action program that gave some advantages to minorities when it came to be hired. Very controversial.
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