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VS 3a-e

What was the Virginia Assembly? The Governor's Council and Burgesses (2 representatives from each part of Virginia)
What is special about the House of Burgesses? It is the first law making body in America
Who were considered citizens? Only certian free adult men were considered citizens
Why was the General Assembly important? Settlers were able to control their own government
Why did England want a colony in North America? Wealth and power; silver and gold; raw materials that couldn't be grown in England; new sources of trade
What was the first permanent English settlement in America? Jamestown
Where did the money come from to set up the colony of Jamestown? The Virginia Company of London had stockholders that paid for the costs of setting up the colony
Why was Jamestown located where it was? It was a peninsula that could be defended; the James was a deep river so ships could get in; settlers believed they had fresh water
What did the charters of the Virginia Company do? Allowed the company to start a colony in North America; Gave the colonists the same rights as the English
What helped the settlers survive at Jamestown Capt. John Smith was a strong leader; they learned to work hard; the native peoples helped the settlers
How did trading with the Powhatan help both the Indians and the settlers? The Indians needed tools, pots, and copper for jewelry; the settlers needed food, furs, and leather
What did the Powhatan Indians do for the settlers? Pocahontas served as the contact between the native peoples and the English; The native peoples showed them how to plant crops (corn and tobacco)
Why were the native peoples worried about the settlers? They knew that the settlers would stay in North America and probably take over their land
Where did the settlers and Africans originate? Settlers came from England, a country in Europe; Africans came from the continent of Africa
When did more women arrive in Jamestown? 1620
Why was it important for women to come to Jamestown? Families could grow and the settlement would become permanent
What group of people came to Jamestown against their will? Africans
What do we know about the arrival of the Africans? Portuguese sailors captured African men and women in what is present-day Angola; Their work helped tobacco farming increase
What were some of the hardships faced by the people in Jamestown? Marshy land; drinking water was not fresh; the settlers did nnot have the skills they needed to take care of themselves
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