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Social Studies

Chapter 5 Study Guide

Regulate To control according to a set of rules.
Commercial related to a trade center
Artisians also known as craftworkers, produced many useful and decorative objects. Used bone, shell and ivory to create jewelry, game pieces and trimmings for furniture.
Inscriptions engraved written messages on stone seals.
Urban planning a plan or thought for a design of a city.
Citadel where government and religious activities took place.
Granaries Grain-storage buildings
Assimilated The process in which the cultural traits of newcomers to a country become similar to those of the people already in the new country.
Monsoon Seasonal wind shift that bring heavy rains.
Loess Sandy, yellow, fertile soil
Legend is a story handed down
Ancestor deceased relative that lived longer than a grandparent.
Oracle bone A bone or shell that contains ancient Chinese writing.
Character a symbol used in writing.
Standardize To make all things of a certain kind alike.
Tyrant A cruel ruler.
Virtue A right action; a good quality
Mandate An order for or a right to something
When did the Shang Dynasty rule? 1766 B.C. and ruled for 600 years
Where was the location of the Shang Dynasty? Huang He Valley, China
Why did the Shang Dynasty end? A tribe called the Zhou attacked and overthrew the Shang Dynasty.
Yu the Great and the Great Flood A legend; tells a time when a flood covered most of the Huang He Valley so people could find no food.
Shang Dynasty ruled by force, equipped with bronze weapons.
Shang Artifacts Bronze containers, carved marble, jade, silk fabric
Polytheistic Believed in gods
Oracle bones Writings carved on animal bones & turtle shells; answer questions about the future and provide info about important topics. Refers to hunting wars, weather and the selection of days for religious ceremonies.
Early Chinese Writing Started as pictographs or drawings; developed in time to today's writing
Fall of Shang Dynasty King Xhouxin favored friendly nobles and made others angry & caused disagreements. The Zhou tribe attacked and overthrew
Shang ruled: 600+ years with 31 kings over 17 generations.
Indus Valley first farming village, built on large mounds, made of mud and stone. kept villages above flood level.
Indus Economy traded: cotton, lumber, grain, livestock.
Indus Economy traded with: central Asia, Mesopotamia, persian gulf region
Indus Economy produced: useful and decorative objects, bone, shell, ivory, jewelry, game pieces, trimmings for furniture, copper and bronze or combination of both for pots, pans & tools, clay figures of people & animals. The possibly used in religious ceremonies.
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