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PE Test

wave pe

what are the major muscle groups 1. Quadriceps 2. Hamstrings 3. Calves 4. Chest 5. Back 6. Shoulders 7. Triceps 8. Biceps 9. Forearms 10. Trapezius 11. Abs
what are some strength and training techniques cardio, palaties, toning
aerobic vs anaerobic Aerobic respiration uses oxygen. Anaerobic respiration is respiration without oxygen; the process uses a respiratory electron transport chain but does not use oxygen as the electron acceptors.
what are the benefits of warm-up and cool-down exercises warm up increases your performance and also it allows for a lower risk for injury and the cool down allows your body to go back to your restin hear rate and circulate blood normaly.
what are the benefits of exercise it is a good way to loose weight, allows people to be in a good mood, helps with disease
what is training recovery allowing your body to heal and recover from a hard work out while still working out .
what is R.I.C.E R: rest I: ice C: compression E: elevate
what is body fat and body fat percentages the amount of fat on your body and the way you look the amount of body fat divided by total weight.
what are some fitness advertising techniques free classes, Facebook, partnerships
what are the skill related fitness speed, reaction time, agility, balance, coordination, and power
what are the S.M.A.R.T goal settings Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely
what is the FITT principal Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type
what are the components of health related fitness •Muscular Strength •Muscular Endurance •Cardiovascular Endurance •Flexibility •Body Composition
what are the components of skill related fitness agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, speed
what are the principals of training the FITT principal frequency intensity time and type
what are the physical testing and evaluations. blood pressure, breathing, height, weight, ears
why is it important to track fitness? its like keeping track of food, you want to beable to see improvement and what you have been doing.
what is target heart rate exercise heart rate (pulse) is 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate
what is max heart rate 206 − [0.88 × Age] : the highest you hear rate should go while working out
what is resting heart rate your heart rate while at rest not working out
what is recovery heart rate the ability for your heart to return to your normal heart rate after a workout.
how does heart rate relate to the principals of training the more you do of the FITT principal the higher the heart rate.
sedentary vs non-sedentary life style sedentary: no or little physical activity. non-sedentary: to exercise more daily
what is body composition what lean tissue and fat tissue make up. lean is made up of muscle, bone, and organs. fat is made of essential, storage, and non-essential fats.
what is caloric expenditure the amount of energy your cells use in a given time
what are metabolism and metabolic rate a chemical processes that occurs to live. the rate at witch the metabolism occurs in a living organ.
what is fat burning exercise intensity that burns the most fat
what is body image this is something that people have some control over and if they exercise then they can control some of what they look like.
what is nutrients in relation to body composition and physical performance the more nutrients you have when working out the better your performance will be because you will have more energy.
Created by: jahnsen
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