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US History II Unit 2

Unit 2 review for end of course test

The production of goods is called industry
The period of time in American history that focused on machines, factories, and industry is called the Industrial Revolution
____________________ Island was the east coast point of entry for European immigrants arriving in America. Ellis
What amendments gave women the right to vote? 19th Amendment
An organization of workers that join together to make needed changes. Labor Union
Which progressive president was known as the “Trustbuster?” Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt
Journalists that wrote about the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. muckrakers
_____________ and ___________ created monopolies during the Industrial Revolution? Carnegie and Rockefeller
Control over a certain good or industry is called? monopoly
Which of the following events is an example of how bad the working conditions were during the Progressive Era Triangle Shirt Waist Fire
Created by: grubbs147