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Antebellum Time before the war specifically the American Civil War
Sectionalism Loyalty to a particular region of the country rather than the country as a whole
What caused Sectionalism? Differences in geography, economics, and culture.
Economic difference between the North and the South North-Small Farms, Trade, Factories South- Large Plantations, Farming, Slaves
South's justification of slavery They claimed that the slaves in the south were treated better than the factory workers in the North
How were abolitionists treated in the South? Kept quiet or forced to leave town
Why did abolitionist Newspapers and flyers have little effect on the South? The mail persons threw it away.
How did the Underground RR affect SC? It did not, because SC was not a border state
Why did the population of the North increase? Irish Potato Famine
Why was Missouri's statehood an issue? Upset the balance of slave and free states
What was the predominant political party in the south during the Antebellum period? Jacksonian Democrat
Missouri Compromise Missouri would enter as a slave state but established the 36 30 line that divides future states into free and slave states
Nullify To ignore or not follow
Protective Tariff Tax on imported goods that benefited the North but hurt the South
Popular Sovereignty Voting over the issue of a slave state and free state- most votes wins
Compromise of 1850 California becomes a free state, the rest of mexico secession land decides on free/slave states over popular sovereignty
Fugitive Slave Law Law that allows slave owners to reclaim their slaves if they escape
Uncle Tom's Cabin A book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe that protests the Fugitive slave law
Missouri Compromise Slavery could not be above the 36°/30° Parallel
Tariff of 1828 Tax on imports from Europe that taxed the South more than the North. It ended with the US lowering the tax and SC repealing Nullification.
Fugitive slave Law The North was forced to return slaves to the South.
Kansas-Nebraska Act Popular Sovreignty (People got to vote on whether Kansas was free or slave.
Dred Scott A slave that sued for his freedom since he had been brought to free territory.
Dred Scott ruling Slaves are property and not people and therefore cannot take legal action.
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