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Social Studies

Unit 2- French and Indian War 1754-1763-The American Revolution

What are 3 reasons the French have friendly relations with the Native Americans? 1) They didn't try to take their land 2) They married into the groups 3) A majority of the Native Americans sided with the French
Why didn't the English have friendly relations with the Native Americans? They tried to take their land
Who fought in the war? Britain (British Colonies) vs France (French Colonies) and the Native Americans
What were they fighting over? They were fighting over money and land in the Ohio River Valley
Who drew the Join, or Die cartoon in 1754? Ben Franklin
Why did he draw the Join, or Die cartoon? -He was telling the colonies to join to fight the French. -It was in response to the Albany Plan of Union. -If you don't join together, the French will defeat them. -Work together to fight the French
What was the Albany Congress? 7 colonies met in Albany to discuss war
What happened at the Albany Congress? -It decided to convince the Iroquois to help them fight the French (The Iroquois didn't join at this time, they waited to join the English when the war was almost over) -They created a united colonial defense against the French
Why did the Iroquois remain neutral during war? They did not want to pick the losing side because they were afraid they'd lose their land
Why did most Native American groups side with the French? The French did not steal their land
Who won the French and Indian war? Britain won
What was the Treaty of Paris and what did it do? 1) It ended the French and Indian war 2) It said that Britain gained Canada and all French land east of the Mississippi
What was the Proclamation of 1763? How did the Americans respond? 1) it was an imaginary line across the Appalachian Mts. that colonists couldn't cross (colonists had to stay on the eastern side) 2) The colonists ignored the law and crossed anyway
Why did the British begin taxing the Americans after the French and Indian war? (2 reasons) 1) to pay off war debt 2) to pay to keep the redcoats in America
What is Parliament? a lawmaking group in Britain
Explain the Stamp Act, as well as the colonial reaction. 1) It is a tax on paper, dice and playing cards 2) the colonists reacted violently and Parliament repealed the act
Explain the Townshend Acts, as well as the colonial reaction. 1) it is a tax on paper, tea, paint, lead and glass 2) the colonists boycotted all goods being taxed
What was the Non-Importation Agreements? Parliament repealed the Townshend Acts
Who were the Sons of Liberty? What was their goal? 1) they were a radical group led by Sam Adams 2) their goal was to end the British rule in America
What (actually) happened at the Boston Massacre? 5 colonists were shot by the Redcoats
Why did Paul Revere purposely create an inaccurate painting of the Boston Massacre? He wanted to make the British look bad, and get Americans to join the patriot cause
Why did Parliament pass the Quartering Act? 1) there weren't enough forts and bases in the colonies 2) so the Redcoats could live in colonial homes
Explain the Tea Act. It was a law passed to help the British East India Company sell its extra tea. Tea was still taxed.
Why did the Americans hold the Boston Tea Party? 1) to protest the tax on tea 2) there was no representation in the tax laws being passed in England
Explain the Intolerable Acts. 1) it was passed by Parliament to punish Boston for the Tea Party 2) it shut down the Boston Harbor and there was a new Quartering Act
What was the First Continental Congress? It was a colonial meeting in Philadelphia to help the colonists of Boston because of the Intolerable Acts
What happened at the First Continental Congress? 1) it put a boycott on all British goods 2) each colony had to create its own militia
What event is considered to have started the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775)
Name a few advantages the British had at the start of the Revolution. 1) they had a great Army and Navy 2) the Loyalists 3) the Hessians
Name a few advantages the Americans had at the start of the Revolution. 1) home field advantage 2) rifles 3) great leaders (George Washington)
Name a few disadvantages the British had at the start of the Revolution. 1) supply problems 2) they were 3,000 miles away
Name a few disadvantages the Americans had at the start of the Revolution. 1) no Navy 2) they were poorly trained
Which group served as mercenaries during the American Revolution? Hessians (Germans)- They fought for the British
Explain the importance of Common Sense. Thomas Paine explained to the colonists why they should break away
Explain the purpose of the Declaration of Independence. it was to break away from Britain
What are the 4 parts of the Declaration of Independence? 1) Introduction 2) Natural Rights (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness) 3) "All Men are Created Equal" 4) government is created to protect the people's natural rights
What was the importance of Fort Ticonderoga to the Patriots driving the British from Boston? They captured cannons
Explain the importance of the Battle of Saratoga. France became an ally of the Americans
Explain the importance of the Battle of Yorktown. It was the last major battle of the war- The Americans won
What was the Treaty of Paris (2) from 1783? It was when Britain recognized American independence
Created by: carlsond
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