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Ancient Africa

Names of the 2 Deserts in Africa Kalahari & Sahara
How many climate zones are in Africa Four (4)
Where and when did the Kush develop? 2000 BC, Nubia
The main material that was traded between African cultures and other places around the world? Gold
True or false: The cultures in Africa meet the requirements to be labeled Empires. True
Who conquered the Kush kingdom? King Ezana
The most distinctive feature of Axumites Religions
The kings of _____ based their wealth on the gold and iron trade. Ghana
Who defeated the Ghanians? Mali
Most of Mali's citizens were what? Farmers
Mansa Musa, ruler of Mali, went on a pilgrimage to what city? Makkah (Mecca)
Weakened by civil war, Mali was conquered by who? Songhai
Bantu society was based on what? Subsistence Farming (farming for your family and yourself)
This means "People of the Coast" Swahili
Swahili is a combination of what two cultures? African & Arabic
Swahili is now the national language of what? Kenya & Tanzania
This Mesoamerican civilization reached its peak in 6th century A.D. Mayans
What is Mesoamerica? refers to a geographical and cultural area which extends from central Mexico down through Central America (middle America)
How many people speak the Mayan language in Mexico and Central America? 5 million
If a king follows hereditary succession, who is next in line to take the throne? Son to son to son, (direct lineage)
What are two major advancements in mathematics and astronomy? -Use of the Zero -Development of 365 day calendar
Mayans exhibited certain violent tactics (for religion) what was one? Human Sacrafice
The next Mesoamerican civilization to rise up was the.. Aztecs
Who is responsible (mainly) for the end of Middle Amrican civilizations? -invaders from Spanish conuistadors
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