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OHES- SS chp 3

SS chapter 3

Where did the Spanish believe the Strait of Anian was located? The Spanish thought the Strait of Anian was located in the Northern Pacific Ocean.
Why did the Spanish want to find the Strait of Anian? The Spanish wanted to find the Strait of Anian because it was supposed to be a shortcut to Asia, which would make trade easier.
How did the Spanish learn about Alta California? The Spanish learned about Alta California from the expedition led by Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo.
Which country was Spain's greatest rival for control of the Pacific coast? Russia was Spain's greatest rival for control of the Pacific coast.
Who started the first mission in Alta California? Junipero Serra started the first mission in Alta California.
Where were the California Missions located? The California Missions were located along the coast of Alta California.
How did the Indians' lives change when they went to live in the Missions? The Indians' lives changed when they went to live in the Missions. They learned to do metal work, they became laborers for the Missions and Presidios, and they had to give up their traditional way of life.
missionary people who teach Catholicism and Spanish ways of life to CA Indians
Presidio forts to protect the settlements
ocean currents Spanish ships relied on currents to speed sailing ships on their way from New Spain to the Philippines.
pueblo farming communities
neophytes Indians new to Catholicism
peninsula a land that has water almost all the way around it
Colony a settlement that is ruled by a faraway government
Expedition a journey into an area to learn more about it
What Spainish land did Cortes claim for Spain? Hernando Cortes thought he claimed an island for Spain, but it was rally a peninsula.
What Spanish explorer conquered the Aztec? Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs.
Where was Vizcaino's good harbor? Vizcaino's good harbor was Monterey Bay.
Why were supplies sent to Alta California by sea? Supplies were sent to Alta California by sea, because the land routes were too difficult.
Created by: OHES grade 4
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