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Activity 1 E

What Generalizations Can You Make About The Movement of People, ...

Generalization When a statement identifies a common pattern.
Migration The movement of people from one place to another in order to establish new homes
Sahel A region located south of the Sahara Desert in Africa that is a semi-arid belt of sandy and rocky grassland .
Nomadic Herding People who move their livestock from place to place in search of grass and fresh water.
Silk Road A trade route used by Middle Eastern and Roman merchants to establish overland trade with ancient China.
Economic Factors Factor that causes human migration due to changes in trade patterns and the opportunity to find work
Environmental Factors Factor that causes human migration due to climate and natural disasters.
Cultural Diffusion The movement of products and ideas from one place to another
Predictions Something that is forecast or envisioned in the future.
Modify Change
Case Study A specific situation that is analyzed to find patterns or causes.
Refugee A person who flees his or her home to escape armed conflict, political oppression, or civil unrest.
Arab Spring Series of anti-government protests and rebellions in Middle Eastern countries.
Human Development Index Measures a country's level of economic development and social equality.
Created by: betsywellman