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chapter 5

when did the french settle there new land 1608
when did the dutch settle there new land 1624
what was the french settlements called quebecand montreal
what was the dutch settlements called new netherlands and new armsterdam
who found the french settlements samuel de chiamplain
who found the dutch settlements henry hudson
why were the settlements of french sucssesful lots of beavers in forest for trade and hunt
why were the settlements of dutch sucssesful dutch could control trade over hudson river
in the jamestown colony who king james 1, john smith, group of merchents
in the jamestown colony what charter a colony in north america in virgina
in the jamestown colony when 1606-1607
in the jamestown colony where james town on a peninsula in the james river in north america
in thee jamestown colony why where hpoing to find gold
charter was a document that permitted colonist to settle on land claimed by the ruler
stock shares in a company
what happened to the jamestown colony land they settled on was low and swampy and was infected with disease carring miquitos,the water made them sick and settlers began to die
why were the colonist of jamestown uncssesful they were seaching for gold and not planting crops
who was john smith and how did he help the jamestown colony he was a leader and helped them plant crops build homes and dig wells with fresh water
how did john rolfe help virgina he helped raise tobbacco prouduct in to virgina
who was john rolfe was a settler in virgina
cash crop crop grown for a profit
indentured servent agreeed to workfor a sertain amount of time in exange for the cost in time in north america
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