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New Deal Agencies

Reconstruction Finance Corp. Hoover's plan which gave assistance to big businesses hoping the effects would eventually "trickle down" to the needy people in jobs and wages
Social Security Act Provided a retirement pension for elderly
Public Works Admin. Provided jobs in communities building schools, libraries, roads, etc.
Civilian Conservation Corp. Young men would live in camps and plant trees and build roads
Agricultural Adjustment Act Tried to stop farm overproduction by paying farmers to destroy crops and livestock
Wagner Act Stopped unfair business practices and poor working conditions, established the National Labor Relations Board to negotiate between employers and employees
Security and Exchange Commission Regulated the stock marked to prevent unfair practices and keep it stable
Tennessee Valley Authority Part of the New Deal that created jobs, flood control, and hydroelectricity in the Eastern United States
Federal Housing Admin. A New Deal agency that provides loans for mortgages and repairs
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Provided government guarantees that people would not lose money they had in banks due to fire, failure, or theft
Farm Security Admin. Loaned money to help more people become landowners, also provided camps for migrant workers
National Youth Admin. New Deal program that provided part time jobs and job training to students could stay in school and still help support their families
Rural Electrification Admin. New Deal agency that brought power to isolated areas
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